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[SEA Telsiai] Redemption Guild (recruiting!)

:red_square: Guild Information :red_square:

Server: [SEA] Telsiai
Guild Name: Redemption
Guile Level: 19
Guild Leader: Redrelle (co-leader: Icon)
Discord: Redemption Guild
Recruitment Status: Open

:red_square: About Us :red_square:

Our guild started as a pinoy guild in Sigita Server (TOS 1st Season Server for Telsiai) last February 12, 2020. As we progressed, we wanted to expand our guild to other players globally, thus forming Redemption (an international guild) on December 15, 2020.

Similar to the guild name’s meaning, we want to save our members from misery (lol). We want to regain what’s lost in the past. We aim for our members to have the best gaming experience by guiding them as they gear up so we can all grow together (and have fun while getting stronger!).

The guild is “casually competitive”. We are not overly competitive, but we are also not plain casuals. We are mostly focused on the guild’s own growth and progression of every guild member. End-game is also our target but we are not in rush, we just take it chill! Currently focused on PVE contents, but have a goal to do GTW/PVP in the future. Only compete with yourself, no rush and pressure! Have your own timeline of gearing up, we are here to help you out!

:red_square: Gallery :red_square:

Guild Territory Wars (04/18/2021)

Guild Territory Wars (05/16/2021)

Some of our fun guild events:

#RedemptionBuff Upgrade Madness Guild Event

Redemption Survival Race Guild Event

:red_square: Recruitment :red_square:

For us to reach our goal, we need YOU!

Redemption is currently open for recruitment! We are looking for active and dedicated players to be one of us.

What we can offer:

  • Game guides for newbies and returnees. Are you lost in the game? We are here to explore with you!
  • Friendly, helpful members and toxic-free community! Active voice chat usually at night time.
  • Help in PVE contents (CM, DCP, Legend raids etc). Want to learn legend raids? Free tutorial for WW and Lepi Hard! As long as you are willing to learn, we will gladly teach you!
  • Chance to get free ingame items through our bidding system and guild events (you will benefit from this as long as you are active!)

What we need from you:

  • Active in game (no intro boys please)
  • Participation in guild activities

:pushpin: Requirement to join

  • Level requirement: Lv400 or higher

:pushpin: : How to join

  • Required: Join our discord server (link). A bot will welcome you once you joined, follow its instructions.
  • You may whisper Icon in game or for faster response, you may directly send pm to Leekiss#4212 or Redrelle#9650 in discord.

Hope to meet you soon! Come join us and let’s have some fun!


It’s nice to see there one guild is born, keep it on Redrelle- ~


Thank you Artoria! Nice to see you again haha :satisfaction:

Come and join us we have Bonfire with kitties :satisfaction:


come join teh gang… we are a happy bunch


Join the fun guys. leggo Redemption!!


Come and Join us Recruitment is still open :satisfaction: :haha:

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come come join us :satisfaction:


Update: We just posted a video with our Recent Guild event Redemption Survival Race Guild Event :haha: :satisfaction:

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bump we open for Recruitment come and join us PM Icon ingame or add on discord Leekiss#421 :satisfaction:
cya in game

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Henlo! In case you made it here, please do vote for our guildies’ entries at Fan Art Festival event! Thank you! :satisfaction:

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Lets go Redemption! Come and join us!


Btw, congratulations to StarWarrior and Zedresck for winning the Goddess Blessed Screenshot event! (and for breaking my winning streak lmao jk XD) Fab pics! <3


Gilitine Raid Redemption


Twerking with Guildies!


Congratulations to @Sheryl for winning the Fan Art Festival event! Really wonderful art uwu


Congratulations also to @rinssu (is this you? XD) for ranking 3rd in Week 74’s WBR!

We are proud of you guys! <3


congratz congratz guys

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Congratulations @Rinssu!

just chilling with guildies