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[SEA - Telsiai] Eminence | We're Recruiting!


Cool. Sent the request. Can’t wait hate playing alone. So lvl cap is 390 right…if so like dang.

  • Team Name: Pedos
  • Character Level (Highest): 390
  • Active Period: 24/7
  • Why you should pick me to join: will spread gamanism to whole server :pepewink:


just bring your truck with free candy together and you’ll be more than welcomed in :satisfaction:

  • Team Name: Devereaux
  • Character Level (Highest): 302
  • Active Period: 11pm-4am usually (Except Tuesdays and Wednesdays)
  • Why you should pick me to join: Badly needs tips from veterans as I seriously don’t know what I’m doing xD


Hey there @Callista!

thank you for your interest in joining in, we definitely would love to help guide you in here altogether :smiley:, could you add me in discord? my ID is PrimeMinister#6693.



  • Team Name:Runez (Highest): 380
  • Active Period: 24/7
  • Why you should pick me to join: i will spread Gamanisme in Telsiai, and curb the cult that raise against Gaman


Rejected due to gamanism they are not welcomed here we are anti GAMANESE ok :smile:

  • Team Name: ReSAVIOR
  • Character Level (Highest): 100
  • Active Period: Everyday, but random timing
  • Why you should pick me to join: No empty promises, but I think I’m a very TEAM PLAYER person. (Too low level to help now though…)
  • Why you shouldnt pick me to join: I’m just a f2p player, wanting to enjoy the game and not invest any REAL money on it.

Hope there is still room for me :slight_smile: