Tree of Savior

[SEA - Telsiai] Eminence | We're Recruiting!


Team Name : GamanDisciple
Character level (Highest) : 69
Active Period: praying and worshipping Gaman everyday
Why you should pick me : because I am a committed worshiper of Gaman. I believe no one comes to the Father
except through him and I wanted the world to know he is the savior of all. I am willing to sacrifice my all to preach Gamanism to the world. Gamen.


Team Name : Runez
Character Level : Highest 375
Active period : All the time when Gaman is around


We do not bring in Gaman believers here ok NO GAMAN ALLOWED


Are you guys still recruiting? If so, please proceed.

Team Name: Feii
Character Level: Highest 270
Active period: Most days unless I have work.
Why you should pick me: Just a lonely cleric looking for a place to chill and people to enjoy the game with. Still a newbie at this game _(:3


Hey there Feii!

Yes we are definitely still recruiting, and don’t worry once you join us, your loneliness will dissapear! :smile:, would it be possible if you add me discord as well? My ID is PrimeMinister#6693. I look forward to chatting with you!




Team Name: Satong
Character Level: Highest 212 or something
Active period: Yes
Why you should pick me: The Feii guy is my friend, and now he’s with you guys. I’d like a replacement friend please. Thank you


Hey there Satong!

no need to get a replacement if you’re in with us :smile:, would you mind adding me in discord? my ID is PrimeMinister#6693





Team Name: Skytosssssssssss
Character Level: 278 while writing
Active period: Yes
Why you should pick me: Feii wanted me to join and since im new to the game maybe i can get some pointers in this game


Thanks for adding me in discord Sky!

I’ll be adding you up to the guild shortly :smiley:, we currently still have some slots on our end as we’ve removed a few inactive people, for those interested, do feel free to apply!




Team Name: ZzR
Character Level: 352
Active period: GMT+8, mostly after 7pm till after midnight.
Why you should pick me: A little about myself. I’ve played MMO across the years, World Of Warcraft being the longest and hardest. Used to Raid and lead in a semi hardcore guild in WoW competitively for realm firsts and region top positions. As an working adult, i no longer have the time for these and thus i have been looking out for casual games such as TOS to while some of my time away. Was introduced to TOS by my friend 2 days ago and got to level 352 with the help of the recruit-a-friend event. I look forward to participate in activities within the Guild, pick up pointers and contribute what i can. Maybe make some friends on the way as well :open_mouth:


Hey there Zzr!

Glad to know that you’ve played WoW, we got a few players here that plays WoW as well. Hitting 352 in 2 days is a great achievement as well being a new player! Congratulations! If you don’t mind, could you add me up in discord? my ID is PrimeMinister#6693. Thanks!




Thanks for the prompt reply.

My PC was fried the past 1-2 days.

Added you on discord, cya in game/discord soon.


Team Name: RagNahRok
Character Level: 350
Active period: GMT+8, mostly after 11pm
Why you should pick me: The more people there are, the merrier :slight_smile:


Hey RagNahRok!

Thanks for applying! I do agree that the more is definitely merrier! Would you mind adding me in discord? My ID is PrimeMinister#6693.