Tree of Savior

[SEA - Telsiai] Eminence | We're Recruiting!


Team Name: Ares
Character Level (Highest):330
Active Period:7PM ~ 2AM, but can come online whenever needed
Why you should pick me to join: Because Im an easygoing, active player who’s also competitive and can contribute both PVE/PVP wise!
Position Applying: Normal


Ares…are…are you the God of war?!


Team name: AmanoKaguya
lvl: 323 musket
active: in 15-19 EDT
why? i don’t know @@ i just a newbie raise up in event and never in a guild before :v but my equip is quite good so maybe i can help :smiley: and i’m humorous too ^^


Hey there Amano!

That’s great to hear! we definitely need more humorous people here! Would you mind adding me in discord? my ID is PrimeMinister#6693

hope to see you soon!




thanks ^^
hope to see you soon :v


Indeed I am hahah! Man, you’re like the first ever person to acknowledge that. Ppl need to brush up on their Greek mythology


Team Name: Bobojojo
Character Level (Highest): 318
Active Period: 4 a.m. - 1 p.m. (Server time)
Why you should pick me to join: I’m lonely and need help :wink:
Position Applying: Normal


pretty sure people noticed that but just decided not to comment on it because of how lame it is :kappa:


Hey there JoJo!

Would you mind adding me in discord? My username is PrimeMinister#6693! Pretty sure we can clear the loneliness :wink:

On a side note I think Ares is a pretty cool name regardless of where it comes from though, :smile:


Team Name: Bronzebeard
Character Level (Highest): 330 ( cleric3sadhu3pd2) 330 ( cleric2priest3chap1pd2) 330 ( cleric2priest3chap1miko1Inq1) 301(Sword3Hop3Shinobi1Murmillo1)
Active Period: 3 a.m. - 1 p.m. (Server time)
Why you should pick me to join: My current guild left for another game so im looking for new guild willing to take me in, to do ET and other content (GvG, Raids , WB, Etc.). I’ll see to it that i actively contribute/participate to guild events.
Position Applying: Normal


Hi there Bronzebeard!

That’s unfortunate that you guild left for another game, would you mind adding me in discord so that i can let you in on more details about the guild?

My discord tag is PrimeMinister#6693.




Team Name: BarBaroQue (just call me BBQ hehe)
Character Level: 330 (Ar2Sap3Falc3)
Actice Period: 12pm - 12am
Why you should pick me to join: I just started playing ToS 2 weeks ago, and got hooked and leveled my way up. Now I have nothing to do (aside from farming equips and exploring the game more) so having a guild might be fun and exciting (and I get to do more in-game!).
Position applying: Normal


Hello BBQ!

That’s pretty cool being level 330 in 2 weeks time being a new member here! :smiley:, Would you mind adding me in discord? so that i can bring you up to speed in terms of what we do in the guild :smiley:

my discord tag is PrimeMinister#6693,

Hope to see you soon!




Hey ToiletMaster

There was this really strong guy that carried us in Saalus from Eminence, he is an inspiration to us all. His name was AN_HERO, I bet he carries your guild too.

Man I wish I was that guy.

Thanks fer listenin.


i heard alot of stories about him too, but i think you mispelled AN_HERO with PrimeMinister though :wink: hahahaha


Hello everyone!

Our art-submission contest has finally ended and i’m proud to present the winners from the guild!

We have 2 sections for this contest, which is logo and header!

For the first section,

##Winner of the Guild Logo


First Runner Up


Winner of the Guild Header


First Runner up


Aside from that, some notable ones that were also in the contest, from AN_HERO, Kurobane, Minoria, Mushoten in order.

in my opinion, the image below was this close to being chosen as the winner.

##and also… a special bonus from Cipheria

we’ve also updated the guild thread to remove the redundant information on the post to make it much more easier for everyone :smiley:


Team Name: Korimiya
Character Level: 330 (Archer1QS3Rogue2Falc1Hackapell1)
Active Period: Daily
Why you should pick me to join: Hello! Started this game about 3 weeks ago and hit 330 in about 8 days. Have been gearing up and farming ever since. Loved RO and now am hooked on ToS! At the moment looking for a guild to know more people and hopefully make some great friends!
Position I’m applying for: Normal


Hey there Korii!

That’s great and wow 330 in 8 days is a great time haha! Would you mind adding me in discord so I could share more information about the guild?

I look forward to seeing your request!




Hello everyone! As shown in our previous teaser, our 2nd edition of the love party strikes again! With some amazing models selected and lined up, what could possibly go wrong?

See you soon for the Love Party!


I am from MY, I would like to join the guild. Where is the discord link?

Team Name : Lordians
Character Level : XX
Active Period : Random times throughout the whole day, GMT+8, mostly morning and night.

Why you should pick me to join : Ex-Tera, RO playe, grown-up with kid.

Position Applying : Newbie