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[SEA - Telsiai] Eminence | We're Recruiting!


Hey Koh!

Welcome to Eminence! We still have quite a number of slots available everyone :smile:,

Our first year anniversary is also coming on this Saturday on 20th May! For interested people, feel free to apply down below :sunny:




Newbie here~

Team Name : Klaivius
Character Level : 1XX
Active Period : Random times throughout the whole day, GMT+8, mostly morning and night.

Why you should pick me to join : So you wouldn’t regret for not picking me I am always ready to learn new things in-game. I have played quite a lot of other MMO(RPG)s and have also lead guilds in some.

JK, I just want some friends ingame. //cries in klaipedian

Position Applying : Newbie

p/s : i like cats


Hi there Azifrn!

I see another cat lover :heart_eyes_cat:, NO NEED TO CRY ANY FURTHER AS we have the ultimate…(to view this message, please add me in discord PrimeMinister#6693)




Team Name:KingOrGod
Character Level (Highest): 59 (Currently level grinding atm)
Active Period: 5+ hours daily.
Why you should pick me to join: I’m committed to hitting the end game and becoming a top tier player
Position Applying: (Newbie) / Normal

I’ll be happy to be on the waitlist until there are spots open.


Hi there KingorGod! (Fancy name you have there!)

Would you mind adding me in discord ? So that I can share with you some further details in the guild. :smile: thank you very much!

My discord ID is PrimeMinister#6693

Additionally for everyone else, I will be hosting a community event for everyone !

Be sure to check out the link below if you’re interested.




Team Name:BonCray
Character Level (Highest): 330
Position Applying : Guild Master
Active Period: 5+ hours daily.
Why you should pick me to join: I will lead Gaminence to glorious battle and perhaps glorious death.SPARTAAAA… AUHH …AUHHHH… AUUHHHH

#spearkleb #spearmasterace


Team Name: CityBlade
Character Level (Highest): 330
Position Applying: Vice
Active Period 6+ Hours daily
Why you should pick me to join: I will help BonCray in his quest to bring glory to Gaminence


Team Name: Frontier_Tempest
Character Level (Highest): 224
Active Period: Every other day @ around 9PM to 12/1AM (busy days), currently everday around same time or earlier
Why you should pick me to join: Pick me because although I’m not a hardcore player currently, I’ve started to enjoy the game a lot more post patch and I have the desire to go and experience the game more in-depth and I wanted to invest my time and build good and lasting relationship with good company.
Position Applying: Newbie


Hey there Frontier!

Thank you for your interest in Eminence! could you add me up in discord? :smiley: my discord ID is PrimeMinister#6693 and i’ll share with you with more details about the guild.

Additionally, we’ve finished our first anniversary events today and had a blast! For those who have not seen it yet, do you think you can manage to solve this? :smiley:

Credits to our artist @ponachan for making this beautiful artwork!

Our family stands strong after 1 year and we only grow bigger and bigger! look forward to more of our events that we’ll be doing and the best part is that we’re still recruiting! don’t miss this chance to be part of the big family!




Team Name: Aspiremaniac
Character Level (Highest): 231 Dragoon
Active Period: 3 times a week
Why you should pick me to join: Just came back to TOS looking to start back again. Need some guidance. Able to come discord to chat too is needed
Position Applying: Guess i should say newbie for now? slowly funding my char and learning back the new game mechanics


Hi AspireManiac!

It’s great to see another player coming back to TOS, would you mind adding me in discord? My Discord ID is PrimeMinister#6693 so that I can share with you more information.




This is by far the best guild I have seen in SEA - great team with a very hands-on GM. Keep it up! :+1:


Hi Toiletmaster

Added you on discord hope to chat with you there and the rest!


Team Name:Tatalino
Character Level (Highest): 330 Murmillo~shinobi~3 rod~2pel~sword
Active Period:3-5 times a week 12hrs a day but not continues :slight_smile:
Why you should pick me to join: looking for a guild to help me in getting gears and tips for ingame build. also ill give my loyalty,service, anything u need as long as it’s in my capabality :slight_smile: lets go to ET ive never been to ET! lol
Position Applying: Normal


Hi there Tatalino!

Thank you very much for your interest in Eminence! Do you mind adding me in discord so that I chat with you further? My discord ID is PrimeMinister#6693.

I look forward to your request!




done adding u sir :slight_smile: looking forward to making new friends :smiley:


Team name : Radiation
Character Level (Highest): 317 wizard
Active Period:3-5 time about 4 hour each daily
Why you should pick me to join: Looking for player to interact with and have good time together. Being playing all alone all this while
Position Applying: Normal


Hi there Radiation!

Once you’re able to join us you won’t be alone anymore :smiley:, do you mind adding me in discord? My username is PrimeMinister#6693.

I look forward to your request!




A huge shout-out to 2 of our winners of the loading screen contest! Congratulations to @xEarlx and @ponachan!

And also one more amazing entry from @Cipheria, although Cipheria did not win, personally I felt that the artwork that was drawn is amazing too! Don’t forget to check it out too!

[SUBMIT]Welcome Aisha to my family!


Team name : TwinkleToes
Character Level : 328(shinogoon)
Active Period: active almost 24/7
Why you should pick me to join: loyalty is one of my best quality
Position Applying: any