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[SEA - Telsiai] Eminence | We're Recruiting!


Yeah , i’ll be waiting for your details on discord :smiley:


Team Name: Airie
Character Level (Highest): 330 (Diev3, Miko, PD)
Active Period: 10~11AM server time on weekdays (due to work), most of the day on weekends. Probably fall under “casual” category.

Why you should pick me:

  • Player since CBT.
  • I tend to pick support roles (Healer, etc.)
  • I have an Alchemist C3
  • You’d get kTOS insider information :wink:

Position: Normal


Hey Airie!

It was great talking to you, hope you’ll enjoy yourself in the guild! :smiley:


Team Name: G0dspell
Character Level (Highest): Fencer C3 - 320, Schwarzer Reiter C3 - 280
Active Period: March 28-Present
Why you should pick me to join: Online more than 6 hours a day. Full Day in Weekends and 4:00 AM - 1:00 PM Server Time at Weekdays
Position Applying: Normal


Hi there Godspell!

Thank you for your interest in Eminence! Would you mind adding at discord so that I can share further details with you? My discord ID is PrimeMinister#6693.




Team Name: VoidLinker

Character Level (Highest): 34

Active Period: no specific time sorry because my Internet connection

Why you should pick me to join:
First, one of this guild is ask me and (s)he is nice guy
Second, is your guild is not a PvP guild because i’m not good at it tho
so that why i’d to join :]

PS. Love your guild promo post It’s nice and great


Hey there VoidLinker!

Thank you for adding me in discord already :smiley: I’ll be chatting with you shortly to let you in on more details :blush:


we’re also featuring yet another mini-blog today! Featuring one of our very own lolo-god fencer and the first appraiser in the guild, Minoria!


Team Name:BeatHisMother (formerly known as KEYBOARDWARRIOR)
Character Level (Highest): 324(doppel) and 330(hackapell)
Active Period: 8pm to 10pm weekdays. active on weekend.
Why you should pick me to join: PRIME MINISTER NAJIB IS THE GUILD LEADER!!!1!11!!
Position Applying: Normal


Team Name : Reymond
Character Level (Highest) : 130 (Hoplite)
Active Period: PHT Every Weekend whole daywhenever available
Why you should pick me to join : I am looking for a more exciting way to play the game and to be able to experience the life on an mmorpg. Still learning the way on TOS and want my TOS experience to be exciting with nice and great people


Team Name: Grandt Memelord
Character Level (Highest): Higher than snoop dogg
Active Period: 28 day cycle, lasts 3-5 days, cramps on 1st day
Why you should pick me to join: I unite people in Discord
Position Applying: I know all positions from that book, IYKWIM :wink:


Mah luv, I tried to join eminence but this Toiletmaster guy keep rejecting me


Hi @xarianlzhx!

THANK YOU! YOUR PRIMEMINISTER WELCOMES YOU! VOTE FOR… me :smiley: , anyway! please do add me in discord so that we can chat further, thank you! my ID is PrimeMInister#6693


Hi there reymond! thank you for your interest in Eminence! Would you mind adding me in discord so that we can discuss further? Thank you! my ID is PrimeMInister#6693


There are a lot more positions if you know what i mean :wink:


probably because you did not flush :smiley:


Mmm this toiletmaster be a hard fellow, iykwim.


LOLOL! Okie done voting(discord).



Team Name: Azrion
Character Level (Highest): 76 (it’s actually 280, long story)
Active Period: Night time 6pm-2am
Why you should pick me to join: I’m a returning player that quitted about a year ago. I have a lvl 280 swordie (which was the max level cap back then) and a lvl22x cryokino but I think these builds are already outdated and out of the meta atm, so currently I’m starting fresh on a new char/build. Previously was hunting world bosses and trying out the first 1-2 floors of ET before I quit. I do understand that I have alot of things to catch up on, which is why I’m applying for the Newbie position. Am looking for a guild to do runs together and also catch back up on the recent meta/stuff! I am interested in PvE and PvP, thanks!
Position Applying: Newbie

*Also added PrimeMinister on Discord :slight_smile:


Team Name: x3Rajestyy
Character Level: 69 Talts ill tell you
Active Period: Uhmm i dont have periods right now
Why you should pick me to join: Because i am so strong and an sr i heard PrimeMinister is a sr too.
Position Applying:Newbie


please do something about @ExionKruez this guy stay afk during mission, when the boss is almost dying then he came only to take the xp he is destroying the joy of the game


@azwraith & @Meowz

Thanks for adding me in discord! It was great talking to you guys! Hope to see you soon!


We don’t accept scooters here unfortunately you’ll need to join somewhere else :smile:


Hi there, and thanks for letting me know. Do allow me to check more details and see what’s happening in between. Do you have a date and time and type of mission that he was AFK, I would need a little bit more information to help check this out.


Team name: Ghostan
Char Lvl: 223 Cleric c1(i resetted my char so idk what to do with it)
Active period: Night mostly
Why should you pick me: psst…scooters
Position: Best support