[SEA - Telsiai] Eminence | We're Recruiting!


Hi Spot!

Thank you for the quick response! Would it be possible if you could add me in discord?





may i know what do u mean by adding you in discord?


Hi @kvan531,

Basically, Discord is known as an app that we use to message with each other. it’s kind of like skype but a more enhanced with many amazing features you can use.

you can check it out from here. www.discordapp.com

from there you can either choose to use the website itself or download the program onto your computer.




Team Name: lNirVa
Character Level (Highest): 265 Necromancer , 217 Doppelsoldner
Active Period: Daily mostly
Why you should pick me to join: I’m Active player and I wish i can join a guild and make more friends hahaha.:grinning:

is’t still recruiting? o.o


Hi @NirVa!

Thank you for your interest in Eminence! Yes we are definitely still recruiting and very close to being full haha, do you mind adding me in discord?

My IGN is PrimeMinister#6693




Ok, I already have send you the friend request just now :slight_smile:


Hello I am kinda new to the game still, I’ve had the game since it was released but never really had any people to play with. I’ve been in search of an active friendly guild but I noticed you only take 200+ leveled players but wasn’t sure if they may have changed or not. As for my character I am working towards mainly PVE based and leveling solo at the moment trying to become a Fencer. At the moment I am Level 45 in 2 days so I am hoping I can get to that 200 mark quickly to prove worthwhile ^_^; Umm if you do accept me I’d appreciate it, If not I completely understand and still thank you for giving me a moment of your time.
My In game Team Name is: Kitten



Hi @Tiara

Thank you for your interest in Eminence! I noticed you have added me in discord, I’ll pm you more information from there.




Hey guys,

just an update, we have one last slot for the guild! so if you’re ever interested to join, do apply! :slight_smile:




Team Name:iSins
Character Level (Highest): 252 (Warlock)
Active Period: normally about 2 - 4 hours, weekends about 5 - 12 hours
Why you should pick me to join : no reason actually. it’s all for my own benefit. I’m kinda feel like I need to join a guild soon because the monster become a lot stronger for me to solo… and I really hope there will be somebody who can help me to explain about ToS system since I’m still have got a lot to learn…


Team Name: Bommilicious
Character Level: 267 SR
Active Period: Mostly 7PM to 12MN Singapore time
Why pick me?

I like to socialise and make new friends! So far I haven’t been able to find a suitable guild I hope to be accepted!


Hi @kenny.bahagia.medan & @iceiceiceiceiceice

Sorry for the late reply! thank you for your interest in Eminence! If you dont mind, could you add me up in discord so i could fill you in on further details? my ID is PrimeMinister#6693




Hi there everyone!

just to give an update on the following guild status, we still have one last slot as we have one person who’s away for sometime.

additionally, our guild summary are as follows.

Guild Level : 11
Average people peak online: 20+

Guild events happen close to a daily basis, (boss kills, hamster runs, however raids are mostly weekend)




Bumping the post, we have 1 slot left before we are officially full!

thank you everyone for your interest, to date we’re officially full now.


Hello Everyone!

We’ve just leveled up the guild right now and we’re officially level 12 now. Therefore we have 1 slot to extend out to those who are interested in joining us. I look forward to seeing you apply!




It’s been a long time since we had one mini-blog, here’s the latest entry!

and also… if you’re wondering why you should join in, that’s because… we have @xEarlx

edit: omg the moment this image went up we immediately got a new member! therefore we are officially full now. Thank you very much!


The beautiful creature that is Earl


Thanks for letting us know grandt, I might need to consider earl being the ambassador of grills since that title might not work anymore :frowning:


No, please this did not happen. I can assure you it was Photoshopped


Hello everyone!

We are currently open for recruitment once more. For those who are interested, please do apply down below or message me in-game.




Team Name: GengLanun
Character Level (Highest): 233
Active Period: 4~6 hours a day
Why you should pick me to join: Recommended by Minoria

Hope can join the partehh!