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[SEA - Telsiai] - Comfy LV 17 (Turning legal) - FULL

Comfy is one of Telsiai’s most ancient guilds and one of the last /tosg/ guilds (that’s still alive).

We are recruiting ACTIVE players to do PvE and PvP contents:

  • Weekly Uphill
  • Guild Quests(Boruta / Pantorex)
  • Party Albums
  • GTW(?)

We welcome new players and returnees alike. Get perks like comfy’s very own silly versions of popo and kupole (discord) emotes, make fond memories with comfy’s age old traditions, and engage in silly discussions sensitive people would love.

Comfy is a lover of all races: Whites and East Asians, and will accept who you are, no matter what makes your… err, flag stand proud. HAIL COLIMENCIA!

If interested, just pm neshoi, Desu_ , Nethereal, or JustHann in-game.

Contact via Discord:
neshoi(Guildmaster) : neshoi#8652

Desu_ : Dedsu#6664
Nethereal : Nethereal#5553
JustHann : Hann#1623

Contact via Forum:
@JustHann (Because currently I’m the only one of the person active in Forum kek)

Change log(s):
25/02/2020 - Updated contact person’s portrait.
04/02/2020 - Update guild slot status.


boeta here requesting permission to go AWOL, sire!

hann: request granted!

thank you, sire!

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i see you guys accept furries as well :haha:

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