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Saint's Sacellum Solo gear score is insane

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Solo Raid reward is already bound.
They won’t uninstall, smarties just spam accounts, f2p who wanted to explore builds been doing this ages ago to counter character limit and hoard some rewards that was funnelable even back before era of free resets.
The score is there to be as an assessment whether you are ready to beat to the boss or you gonna get wrecked or having long uncomfortable battle.

If you think newbies make multiple accounts to try new builds you are literally insane.

Right now given all the freebies and free extra character slot etcs, maybe
Back then you call majority of playerbase insane
Guess why big numbers drop
Because one player carry multiple accounts even bots
Feel free to complain about this but I see nothing will change about this
It’s take it or leave situation for you

You’re literally adding nothing to this except saying that nothing will change. ■■■■ off.

Sorry but I’m just realist myself

This post is month old, and no reply from official
There’s even more older post crying about gear scoring system
The game situation is always take it or leave it situation as the dev barely care of itos players complains
If you want me to sweettalk rather than tell you bitter truth noone will reply this except whiteknights

I checked, and all my characters that could have entered the solo version before this update can still enter now (though one just barely scrapes by at 7203 gear score). As far as I can tell, not much has changed. Maybe someone out there would enjoy running Saint’s Sacellum Solo for 10, 20, maybe even 29 minutes, but if you aren’t already clearing it within 5-6, your equipment needs some work.

Besides that, it’s not like it’s necessary to do the raid at all if your intent is to just try out other classes/builds. The set of equipment you get at the very start is sufficient for most of the game. If you want to get the better equipment that would complete the build, that’s a choice you’d have to make. Sticking to just 1 character would be cheaper in the long run, anyway, but it would be a longer run than usual without alts to dump scales into team storage.

Or, in short,

Some people just prefer live in fantasy rather than bear the truth, they prefer provided copium instead of an insight of reality

Here’s your whiteknight on copium reply edition:

Don’t worry, be at ease, your complaint is heard and will definitely get implemented in future patch.

Imc staff edition:

Thank you for your enthusiasm, we will forward it to the dev team.

My personal respond :

I believe gear scoring is decent as is, nobody should enter vasilisa with cafrisun set hoping for extra challenge. It works as extra requirement next to level that helps players itself to have enjoyable fight. good luck waiting for your suggestion to be implemented if you insist on your perspective. just like everybody else hoping the game to be better according to their own perspective.

just so you know, even many constructive reasonable suggestions from 5 years ago haven’t greenlit yet. Pet doesn’t use character slot took 3 years to be implemented. Less punishing anviling with failsafe and healthier RNG with parameter took 5 years, a simple tooltip change took a class rework to get fix because the class changed completely, etc

But remember the first perspective imc will care the most is definitely the p2w to keep the server up, next to it koreans. itos newbie players opinion maybe somewhere on the ground.

If you can’t bear the truth bear the long waiting list for your suggestions to get implemented. That’s if it isn’t contradicted with what those vip wants. That’s if you still loyal to play the game.

Saint saccelum is tos endgame raid where players get material to craft latest armor sets

Why would you expect to be able to enter endgame raid with just freebies even if its solo?

In ff xiv you would expect to be able to enter latest alliance raid with just freebies gear lmao

Its ridiculous

This is what worry me when imc being to generous with their freebies and jump up
Newcomers are getting lazy and think that everything is achieveable with less effort or no effort at all
They dont experience the hardship to achieve something because everything was and will be spoonfed

Frankly Vasilisa solo could be done with closed eyes armed with a stick. But yeah I don’t understand the issue here, if you equip your character with fresh Vasilisa, fresh Luciferie, an ark and a boruta seal you should have enough gear score to do the solo raid. All you need is to remember optimizing the random ichors with free mags from events, add fixed ichors (galimive should be enough for alts), add set stats, gems, awakening, enchant stats…

I have a fresh 460 Mergen in this case and I was able to do snake solo this weekend, I’ll check the new gear score but I’m sure it should be still enough.

(by the way, don’t look at the patch notes for new gear score values, in game they are clearly lower – so if you thought you needed 8190 it’s clearly much lower than that…)

is your alt 470?
because I think IMC aimed for the earrings bonus score with this new gear score req
none of my alts 460 can enter now, tthey all have trans 10 items with ichors, enchant and set effect but still missing some points to 7000 score, not a huge deal since I can eventually get to 470 and wear some earrings but I can see how it may be frustating for someone new wanting to try a 460 raid without being 470 and able to equip earrings.

Solo Vasilisa is 7200 not 8190 so yeah the patch notes are completely wrong.

Not quite. Fresh Vasilisa equip +0 with all possible enhancements, fresh Luciferie +0, Boruta seal +1 and Ark +3 give me 6209 Gear Score. That’s far away from the 7200 required. One level of transcendance on equip gives +2-3 GS, so everything t10 should give an extra 300. Ark level 10 is 552 vs 359 so that’s another 200 points or so. Enchant is all that matters now. Retrieving 30 scales from main and using them to enchant 10 times pumped GS from 6209 to 6387, meaning everything at +5 should be enough to enter.

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Next newcomer will hope to be able to enter door raid and latest ocean theme raid right away after only 2 hours of gameplay
Unless you burn ur mom credit card in 2 hours to getting all the material and item in market to power up, stop daydreaming and just play something else more casual you noob

What about funnel stuff from main to alt ? Since you want to play other builds, may as well stop advancing the main one if you’re not happy. There are also vouchers to unbind your gear to transfer to alt anyway.