Rework the anvil system or remove the potential. and stop scam players with useless packs


after the premium wake up pack I saw tons of players ofering the “DA service” I dont know how its going that stuff but for me, players who bought the pack but don’t have a weapon in conditions to use that anvil, just waste their money and finaly was scammed by IMC for a over priced item that they don’t have a way to take advantage of
first because weapons tracended can’t be traded to allows others sold a “service of enhace” and most important, because get a weapon in conditions to be enhaced with diamons its barely imposible for comon players.

now by the sh**t rng of anviling, obtain a +11 with enough potential, its for one of five items and use a diamond its worth just when its can be over +10 because before that golden anvils was more usefull. soo why IMC implement enhace packs instead rework the anvil feature?
the only answer for that is, cheat players to push them to buy golden/silver/diamond anvils inproving the P2W unbalance