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Resource for Fencer

is this still relatable for skiaclipse? and 1300 crit rate enough for plate set?

You’ll want about:

1540 CRATE for Legendary Skiaclipse

1470 CRATE for Unique Raid Skiaclipse

This is to reach the 50% Crit Cap, this doesn’t include any additional modifiers.

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how to not be a glass cannon fencer at skiaclipse without peltasta?

Firstly you’ll want to be careful using Korup/Kraujas, and of course you’ll want to avoid Skiaclipse’s heavy hitting attacks.

The answer to being able to take hits is investment, you need to invest as you don’t have any easy ways to reduce damage. Trans 10 Legendary armour, aim for medium to high CON rolls on every piece of equipment, invest enough so you don’t need Ichors like Ignas Leather or Skiaclipise Leather for Crit Rate, and instead go for the STR/CON of Ignas and Plate Skiaclipse. Get your Drakonas Pasiutes, Enchant Jewel for Magic and Physical Damage reduction, aim for at least 10%, Legendary Card options could be Velcoffer, or Zaura/Nuaele (compliment accordingly with the Blue versions).

Other ways to be more survivability focused is utilising food buffs, elixirs, and preparing a proper party composition.


weird! why ole only increase crit rate by 88% eventhough combined with swasbuckling?

Critical Rate: [55]%
Critical Rate to Max. Threat Enemies: [40]%

Hard Shield and Epee Garde are exclusive with each other tho. Maybe that hasn’t hit iToS yet. Use Epee and Hard Shield falls off.

This is not in itos yet

it will hit itos maybe after they release the legendary skiaclipse or on a far far away balance patch.
and you keep the shield defense using epee garde if you have Rodelero on your build.

nah Hoplite skill can use with fencer skill just Pierce and stabing?
what about Sharp Spear and Finestra what the effect can stack with Rapier Weaponn?

none, sharp spear and finestra buff will be removed once you dont hold a spear in your

sad life, but fencer and matador have high damage.

Hello, thank oyu for the guide. I plan for Fencer>Matador>Peltasta. Solo PvE only. Have several questions.

  1. What leveling path should be?
  2. Is Epee Garde drop Hard Shield buff?
  3. Is High Guard worth skill point(max), for sustain/survival purpose? IMO pelt’s attack skills are quite lackluster.
    This is my build plan, mostly taken from OP build but change some skill. Link

Thank you in advance

  1. No idea what your mean, if it’s build order then Matador -> Fencer -> Peltasta, if it’s leveling then just do the yellow quests
  2. Yes and both ways, the two skills are mutually exclusive, so you need to switch from offense (Epee Garde) to defense (Hard Shield) depending on the situation
  3. That skill is clearly a 0 or 15 point skill, so if you don’t want the Peltasta attack skills you can max it

About your build:

  • I’d choose Bear over Bash and leave Pain Barrier at 4

Thank you for reply

  1. Yes, I mean build order. Sorry for confused. In your link it’s like pelt>fen>mat that why I ask
  2. T_T

Great Guide what you think would deal the most damage compare to this build Barb>Doppel>Nak

What third class it’s meta now for PVE?. And Stats?.

Thx a lot!!!


Guide has been updated as of 08/02/20. Please refer to the google Docs link though!





Is the current build in your google docs applicable to the new fencer in ktos?