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Reset Potion Dont work


Please fill in as much as you can :

Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) : 11/02/19

Server Name:Klaipedia

Team Name: Kureiya

Character Name: Kyu-kure

Bug Description :
I have a skill potion reset on me inventory that is not working at all. Can u please erase it and give me a new one that works please.

Steps to reproduce the issue :

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Can you post an image of the one you are trying to use?_?

also there has been an event giving free skill potions all week so…


Sorry this is not from the event. Also from the event u can only get 1 skill reset potion


EDIT: tried to buy one and indeed it says you cant,

sad :frowning:

that been said, today is event last Skill pot day so…

In what server are you having this problem?_?

also, how is your character advance points?_?


klai server
advance points ? i have 1k points well 1300 or so. But what that need to be with the skill reset potion not working ?


well there is a trick when the points were free that you can change to a different class and then back to original one and it resets all the skills and attributes…

Sadly you need 2k+ points (1000 for first change and 1000 to go back to previous class)


That’s a waste of those points when he already has a skill reset potion ready.

@cesar_revolledo_v I suggest sending videos/images through an official ticket since forum staff are pretty much ignoring everyone right now.


Hello @cesar_revolledo_v,
We suggest to send a ticket for further assistance, with steps to reproduce and a possible screenshot/video as evidence of the scenario.


please check out about bot report too.


already did it. No solve yet is on progress. Also idk how hard is just check the account them erase the reset potion and send me another one via mail but “in progress”