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[Request] TP limit removal from account (and for good)


I’m here to report that the TP spending limit policy is a bit messy. Also, I would like to ask to remove the TP limit from my account.

I’ve bought the TP bundles (900 TP + 90 extra + 500 TP + 30 extra) to buy the past wake-up packages but the company told they couldn’t remove the limit and asked to send a new ticket after a few days.

Now the wake-up package is gone and the new Goddess Blessed Cube is here. I have 1521 tp on my account and I can’t spend because I still have a limited account.

I’ve send several tickets asking to remove the TP limit and all I got is a bot message telling that I need to wait a few days. So for how long do I need to wait? There is no reply to this question.

As for today, a past ticket got replied (Mar 26, 2019 at 9:31 am) telling that the limit has been removed. After a few minutes another ticket got a reply (Mar 26, 2019 at 10:11 am) telling that they can’t remove the limit and I need to wait a few more days.

So as far I understand (and as replied) the company fears that the player ask for a refund. Which we all saw this happening in the past. I do understand this as long it is equivalent to Steam’s refund policies which states that I can only ask for a refund after 3 days from purchase. I’ve purchase TP on Mar 2, 2019 so 3 days has pass a long time ago.

I really would like to understand how this mechanism works. Since there isn’t stated on Tree of Savior ToS (link:

So basically I’ve paid for a TP bundle that is unable to use, can’t trasnfer and can’t ask for refund. I don’t know how this works on other countries but here I do feel like in a stelionate situation. Oh, is that too harsh? Yes, it is. I’ve paid for something and I didn’t get what I would like to purchase all because the company tell me to wait a few more days.

Tickets regarding this matter: (Link:
IMC Reply - ticket open Mar 13, 2019: (Link:
IMC Reply - ticket open Mar 25, 2019: (Link:

IGN: Sylphon
Server: Silute

I really hope that this be fixed and hopefully ASAP.

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Well, i went that path and pinging them here gave me no answer.
What i did was: bought a few games to my account, added a few bucks to my steam wallet, confirmed my card and identity on steam, created a badge and kept sending tickets every other day.

It took a month for them to lift my limit tho, im on Silute, it might go faster if youre on NA or something.

Apparently they do this because they had a problem with fraud, is it a shitty system? absolutely.

The only thing you can do is keep pushing here and sending tickets or chargeback and get banned.

Worst company to buy from, sadly.

Good game tho.

This is my topic if you wanna see what i went through.

Oh, I see. I’m sending tickets everyday and sometimes to reply I have to send many other tickets. The actual question is why it’s not stated on Terms of Service and also there isn’t a deadline to remove this non-sense limit.

We pay for TP bundle and we wish to use it right away. When I ask how long does it will take to verify they just don’t answer. It’s always the same lame bot replying.

I really doubt if these Staff Members do check the welfare of their own community. If I’m wrong, please answer or do something.

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On my topic someone posted a lost news thread that they state the limit, but yea, a new player playing the game and buying for the first time would never know.

Basically a shadow pattern, if i were on NA i would sue, but since im on Brazil and its hard to sue a foreign company, i havent.

Shouldn’t this be tagged as gore content? XD

Yea, tried everything to atleast get a reaction

Theyre thick as ■■■■ tho

I won’t spend more money if they are not able to handle a simple thing. It’s all a bad joke. Tastes bad.

The same non-sense excuse to prevent fraud.

Their reply: (Link:

I wonder if they do know that we can ask for Steam refund only 3 days after the purchase and the product can’t be consumed Otherwise Steam declines the refund request.

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So it’s been a month since my purchase and I still have this limit and no one seems to care.

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