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Request: Please [Re]update TBL rules

I can’t believe this was overlooked.
Please update TBL rules, including the technical ones that aren’t posted like the way spell batching is handled.

But seriously, fix the ■■■■■■■ heal thing

And for scouts, in the only place where the “can’t use cloack in combat” matters is TBL because in all the other content you can just sit and go out of combat. In TBL, I don’t know why but in the 2nd and 3rd round for some strange reason we start the round in combat and has to wait alot of time to use cloacking and in that moment we can’t do nothing because everything we do puts us in combat again.

just feel the archer’s pain

And the most OP pvp class of the game, Omnyoji, still untouched…

Is even worst now with that 15 sec blind, WTF IMC (from warlock or shadowmancer I don’t know), I can’t use any targeted skill in that 15 secs -_-

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