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Recent balance changes on KTOS and the future of playing any Class aside Thauma,Lancer,Taoist and Mergen

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Good speech, sadly it fall to the deaf ears, the only remaining player that still with ToS are the player that has invest too much RL money too scared to call it quits(me included).

Exaggerating. As a casual player and an anti DPS-slavery myself, i can still enjoy this game without feel obligated to pick those 4 classes.


PvP still based on CC class vs Anti-CC class. In current meta almost every single build have a anti knockdown, invencible frames, genbu shield, immortal shadows, imunity to debuff, etc. In contrast, they removing all Lancer’s defensive options patch after patch, and now we have basically a fast moving Glass Cannon (worst than a Cannoner or even a Matador btw)

We already have better burst builds and that doesn’t make them good in pvp. Without defensive skills (prevent, initiate, pain barrier, hardshield, guardian) Lancer’s only kills noobs.

Ps: I can’t find a single TBL video on youtube with new Lancer, so i think you just making exaggerated speculations.

First i really do hope these buffs NEVER reach itos, its a question of sanity, anyone that see the numbers will see that those buffs will unbalance the game really bad.
It wasn’t a matter of “lets buff 20% here or 30% there or lets put a passive situational of 25% here” they literally buffed to a points they made the damage triple.
For comparison Normal classes nowadays usually don’t get SFR above 1500% total damage when max leveled. A lot of classes don’t get more than 1000% per cast even with max passives.

But the developers decided that “well lets give this multi hit with over hits skills a skill factor of 1900% per hit with no passive, seems balanced now…”:heeey:

As said earlier the game WILL fall apart if any of these 3x buffs reach us on ITOS.

“Oh my god, the world is ending, we will all die of cancer because of the balance in a free to play videogame, we’ll all get depression from bad balancing in a casual mmorpg”

I’m not saying your concerns about balance aren’t accurate, but dammit, by reading this it almost seems that your lives depend on this kind of stuff.

Anyways… lurking these forums, I’ve read at least one thousand times the words “the game will be DESTROYED by patch X” and I haven’t seen this outcome yet since 2015. The game kept being perfectly playable, especially in PvE. PvP, I admit, has a more restricted selection of classes to choose from.

One thing ToS players should try to understand is that ToS’s balance patches make the meta rotate like in MOBA. And it’s not hard at all to create a new weapon and follow the meta… or make your build better geared so that it works perfectly even if it’s Off-Meta. Of course there are also very bad builds that don’t work at all, but that’s something that exists in every game, online or offline, I ever tried in more than thirty years of gaming.

That said, This game’s staff promptly adjusts patches following players’ feedback as far as I’ve seen, and… I never met a player that knew better than a game developer in any online community, so I would kindly advise you guys to shut your mouths until you actually TRY those new “overpowered-game-killer” classes after that patch actually hits your game. You can’t judge anything through a youtube video.


Please, read the “balance” patch they did and you will probably notice that the numbers don’t match in game values for any other class.

Except for Lancer the other classes were indeed in need of some buffs, BUT it was buffs quantified for extreme +50% overall damage output and they gone and they go make the damage output more than triple. Mergen will be capable of doing cap damage for every single hit of Zenith(it has 2 over hits and do 10 hits).

I survive using classes that barely hit 1k% total damage of the skill with max passive.
Don’t go saying things like “but developers understand more than players” when they simply decide to brute buff a feel classes and leave all the others to root for another 3 months time lapse.

Again i really hope this “balance patch” will never reach us on iTos.

Edit: If you are not convinced yet, Zenith gone from 174%x10 max level + no passive to 1943%x10 max level + no passive.

Not sure why you consider the idea of this particular patch not coming to iTOS, as every single patch always come. IMC will not keep different bases for kTOS and iTOS, it is simply out of thinking.

That being said, it seems that you are concerned about Mergen taking the spotlight. I always heard that Archers have trouble dealing damage, specially bow archers (musket and cannon classes are used more often), Wugushi as well. It might be too much, but Mergen, turned to be an underwhelming class since Re:Build, as far as I could notice.

And remember that you will always have Creeping Death Charm + Pass combination to deal insane damage. Waiting for this week’s patch note to see 1)what they will do with Sadhu and 2)what will happen to the combo above

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Again, its not the fact that these classes received buff, but the amount of buff is the problem.

And its a hope, every one can dream.
If you plan to go pvp prepare your self to dispose your Cannon, Musket, two handed sword, one handed sword.
By the way, you think Mergen need a 10x damage boost? Its not a matter of a class taking the spotlight, its about throwing the entire reason we had a Re:Build to begin with: So that every class would have equal potential based on each category.

They won’t listen to you, these are the kinda people that obsess over META in mmos. As a casual player in a casual guild, some of us might try these classes when the buffs hit and some of us won’t. Then a new patch will hit making some other classes over powered and the cycle will begin again.

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You forgot about casual players that just like going on adventures with friends! Not everyone plays 24/7 hardcore buddy.

Yes, so far there were not any ridiculous patches that boosted the damage of classes way beyond the 10000% SFR line, but this time it is different.

The problem is that such singular changes affect the balance of the whole game.

There are two scenarios:

  1. All players change to the new meta, IMC notices content is too easy now and change it accordingly

  2. many players will keep their old classes (because no way to change tree/exchange invested weapon), top players still jump bandwagon, IMC notices and balances accordingly (at least new content) although the other classes are suffering.

I’ve seen that enough times already, Challenge Mode being a prime example of how to balance content towards some meta that had it way too easy to clear content.

Now you need meta class-builds or additional-def ignoring damage to clear CM 6/7 (unless you have a whale weapon for 22000+ attack) simply because it was deemed “too easy” by the developers since everyone could clear it.

That’s how this can go wrong, with the developers taking the wrong side & steps in balancing all content.
I believe this game should be true to their Re:build message that you can build over 100 different builds per class tree that are somehow all supposedly viable in the game, no matter how abstract the combination is.

What they are doing now could be a step in the right or the wrong direction.

But from what I can tell it seems to be the wrong direction, since there has yet to be another extensive change announcement for KTest.

These buff windows only lasted very shortly in the past, so I doubt they are going to do a round trip to buff every single class in the game to mergen/corsair/fencer level.

Instead of fueling drama and saying “game ded lul”, why don’t you make some calculations comparing, say, Mergen dps to Musketeer dps? (also dunno if you checked, but the mergen patch was already rebalanced in kToS :D)

I still don’t get what they saw on pvp, but zenith still gets 1600%x10 :tired:
they will prob end up buff sky rocket every unpopular class and let the popular ones root out.

I think i argued and raged enough on this thread so i will try to go with the flow for now and see what happens.

I am, like, happy to see my character animations while hitting mobs on worldmaps, and IMC showed an intention to make those more interesting. Might end up bad, but it will make me anything but quit the game.

Also, the only PvP mode I care is 1x1. However, it is all but a developed mode (if we can call it a mode). MMORPG PvP is always a mess, people shouldn’t expect that much imo.

I honestly think the problem can be solved by allowing us to pick a 4th subclass to round out our characters even further. However, only allow us to have a certain amount of skills total (as in skills we can pour SP into).

With the balancing factor being: we can only have a total of 20 abilities with SP in them. A max of 45 SP per class.

Though if you don’t want to be limited to 20 abilities, you can just stick with 3 subclasses.

Lol the only people who truly complain are clerics and wizards that have been on top of the food chain for so long. The archer classes are very lacking with the exception of musket maybe. The problem with archer class is compatibility. For example we have no reason aside from masi xbow on a wugushi to use a xbow. Not many classes aside from merger require two hand bow. For the archer class we have so many different types of weapons that just limits compatibility.

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I’m a main tank and i am truly already having a bad time to keep up the threat with skills that can’t even pass the 900% mark with full passive counting all the hits and bonus damages.

I will simply accept and give up every time i see a archer nearby, even pvp will prob be broken too, not even a chance of anything surviving a SFR higher than 15k%.
:tired: If by any chance that reach us in parts, the economy will fluctuate a lot.

Edit: just as an update they “Balanced” Matross today:

And yes… Canister shot scales 2281 + (Skill Level - 1)x2282

Wizards and clerics only were good for a short timeframe in 2017/2018 before Re:build.
After Rebuild hit, both trees were so bad that many people just joined the new OP scout tree or went swordsman since it had that ridiculous peltasta.

Over time, wizards and clerics received some buffs, but they are still far from having significant impact on gameplay (with 2 exceptions being taoist and exorcist) outside of healing/debuffing/buffing.
Or where do you see in shout “looking for inqui/zealot/paladin dd for white crow legend raid” ?
Nobody is looking for cleric dd, they only want heal bots.
Even on wizard, if you a not tao>chrono you are a no-no for dd.

That’s the harsh reality cleric/wizard trees face now. One class is dominating with damage, the others are mostly insignificant.

Archer still has it easy with piper/appraiser providing useful boosts while cannoneer/musketeer/sapper have significant damage output.