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They just brought back pre-emptive strike


Yaaaay! :smiley: +1 for Falconer in rebuild!


HUGE news, thats amazing.

Also, looks like Zenith got buffed (reduced CD and +1 OH)

Ranger-Falc-Merg looking amazing now. Very happy.


Yeah brooo!

Also! As part of my original post, Squire camp extending buffs are back!


It isn’t though. If you got this from the ktos thread, that was just what the guy was wanting and not really part of the patch notes. Unless I missed it somewhere? Correct me if I’m wrong.


I read it together with the patch notes someone has translated, as well as the Mergen buffs and where the Falco PES was told to be back. I want to believe it is back though?


i really want to feel the same joy as a fellow mergeners, but my broken +11-downgradeTo+8 pot 0 Asio Bow disheartened me very much to continue to play


Piece of advice from a veteran (fellow or if you’re new): set a target, and when you reach it don’t let greed take over. If you do, know that the risk you are taking can also take you backwards so be careful.

Don’t be disheartened tho, I think in rebuild rarity of weapon is highest factor, followed by trans, then enhance


yeah, my asio bow first got to +11 with 4 potent. And then i jokingly anvil my asio shield, it unexpectedly got to +16 (my very first glowing weapon - ever!), one thing lead to another, i triggered to make glowing bow too…


If I were you, choose 1 main only to gear… If you main Mergen, look to trade your shield :slight_smile: this way you save yourself tons of stress gearing


Enhance will be roughly ~10-15% of the weapons damage. Getting velc and transing will be more than enough.

Getting to +11 should be fine after the rebuild.


That is true, I think everyone should aim and be fine with +11 with both weapon and armor gears. I think it is a good balace of risk & benefit. But yes we are gamers and one of our weaknesses is those darn shining weapons :stuck_out_tongue:


or +9 if you have appraiser, because lv 5 overestimate gives +7 lv of enhancement


Yes, everyone should be aiming for a Velc bow for 2H bow. It’ll take some time farming frags, but after the patch it should be easier since raid portal stones won’t drop from the cube.

If my math is correct:
+16/T10 Velc = 9377
+11/T10 Velc = 8652
+16/T10 Asio/Wastrel = 8651
+11/T10 Asio/Wastrel = 8039

So save the headache and try for +11 velc. I’ve already fragged my first bow (+7 0pot), and anviling my second one now. And save crafted bows for ichoring (arguably more of a headache than anviling)


so, with preemptive strike returning, it become worthy again to max sonic strike, how do you guys distribute your falconer skill now?


Due to the fact that AA Builds are still a lot weaker I consider to either not skill PES / Sonic Strike or only skill a few levels of it. Maxing it does not seem to be worth I think. Especially because your attackspeed is a lot lower due to the stat point distribution.


iirc sonic strike lv 10 SFR is 208%*6 hit, every 5 second with PES (skill description mention will drain SP every 5 second, but i dont know the interval between PES is how long)


Your attack speed shouldn’t matter, PES still hits every five seconds.

For some reason I thought aiming was 15s then 15s for every level, so you only need 7 levels? Can someone check that?

If the above is not the case, with the aiming change and the new skill, falconer runs into the same issues that mergen sees in that we don’t have enough skill points. My build will prolly look very similar to yours.


someone at ktos thread pointed out that aiming at max lv only 60 second with 75 sec CD
and lv 7 vs lv 10 aiming has different purple circle size

i intentionally use lv 5 circling to match angry bunny buff (15 sec), but it is 10 second shorter than max lv of circling, so my distribution wont be optimal for some build


Shows its base 15+15s each level.

This is what I am probably going to go, if Aiming is 15s base then +15s each level. If not, I will most likely take out of circling…not 100% sure yet.