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<Re:build> Falconer-Mergen

the distribution of the fletcher and mergen depends essentially on your gear or future gear; For example, the broadhead is easy to replace with the rajapearl card x3 with prison cutter x3 combo, but you are losing aoe of the centaurus, then you have to find a balance between aoe and max damage, on the other hand if you have a goal “20 aoe” triple arrow lvl 13 + misrus bow + max attributes and art is wonderful damage and you leave it +13 to have 1 in Arrow Sprinkle and Down Fall, but if you arrive 20 it is better to start there, improve that and there triple is 5

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broadhead lv 5 for 2x 7.5sec duration of bleeding (matching 15 sec CD)?

how clunky/funky is DMA?

any reason to turn OFF fletcher ART? i heard when bossing it better turned off

It’s got a weird casting animation/time. It also only seems worth it if the target is burning, and if so, you gotta shoot then wait the 1.5 seconds for the explosion then shoot another. That with the mentioned casting time/animation makes it awkward.

So basically you have to weave skills like that and that goes back to my distaste for piano type specs. I may put more into barbed, depending if other guild fletchers go bodkin.

With the SFR changes, I’m actively looking to try and do less and achieve the same results lol. I want to pare down my skills more.

For solo play, I like bodkin maxed though.

so, for a more fluent skill rotation, better ditch DMA?

Yeah, I find DMA a bit clunky vs other spammable skills like Spreadshot. It has an annoying second delay before firing + target has to be burning for max dmg. Nevetheless it is strong imo

I also dont like Broadhead but 1 point in it ensures I have minimal downtime for target to bleed, so I can keep 1 rajapearl and 2 purple slots open, instead of 3 Rajapearls imo

20AAR to maximize Triple is really good but it constraints the build way too much for 1 skill… I think I will go with 15 AAR instead and have my Red slots for something that can give me +30% flat (x3 prison cutter since mainly aiming target to bleed)

it seems most player that i know recently take wugu for their DPS archer because of +50% STR ART

Yeah, tough choice too. Wugu ARTS give a solid astleast +2k damage or more vs Crit shot buff with steady aim

Maybe Wugu better if you have low crit then Ranger with high crit?

Needs testing

From my experience playing with these classes

wugu falcon mergen
Pros: aoe, Aiming, str art, dot, good build for someone who doesn’t have much equipment or is just starting.
Cheap class
Cons: Load the poison pot
the sp drains quickly

wugu ranger mergen
Pros: str art + critic + dot. build that yields if you cover 20 AAR (frieno).
Cons: Load the poison pot.
It is expensive. (20 AAR)
It enters into conflict of interest between critics and the wugushi.

Wugu Fletcher Mergen
Pros: str art + magic art + dot + Bodkin. build that would say all terrain, although 20AAR (frieno) would be tremendous, and even with less it also performs the same.
Cons: Load the poison pot.
It is expensive. (20 AAR)
Arrow crafting

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You are spot on, Wugu and Mergen seems to not mix well together due to conflicting mechanics

Wugu is nice for new players, as crit gear are usually the expensive ones

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but 50% STR art is most useful when you have 1000+ STR which is endgame equipment. Similar to it is not optimal to use boruta seal-archer to someone who only has 500 crit rate

I really think that for wugushi the best classes would be with canon or musket

I was testing, now I hope to collect class points to return to wugu cannon matross

Yes I think so too, Wugu arts best with cannon / musk.

@7aniki really really tough choice. You do have a point tho, but we cannot forget how OP crit shot + steady aim buffs are for bows… Let alone they will remove crit cap soon with leather so stacking crit will be more popular I suppose.

i tested broadhead lv 5, it has 7.5 second downtime, are you using 3 rajapearl card to compensate that?

I’m debating having like:
14 bodkin
1 broad
5 barbed
Max the rest.

So you’re saying use raja pearl to keep bleeds up? For combo with prison cutter? It feels meh without centaurs cards, or that just may be me having them as a crutch.

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It really is not a bad idea but it depends more than anything on your AAR where you take it.

I have: drakona frieno (7) + dionys (3) + Skiaclipse Sabaton ichor (2) + enchant 2 + 3 centaurs cards (6)

Now I can try to get 7 frieno to compensate with hair 1, 2, 3 aoe + enchant 3 + food squire and use a pasiute keeping 20 AAR; I can also switch to asio bow to have 2 aoe + 2 more of the buff and remove 2 centaurs.

It all depends on what you want, and above all on your luck and equipment you get.

Yeah I’m working on my aar, I have 16 with squire food.

Still figuring out how to get to 20, most likely need dyonis or asio ichor.

As much as I have put into my gear, I feel like there’s always ways to optimize and my current goal is trying to get to 20 aar without centaur so I can use dmg cards.

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i remember you use ranger-fletcher mergen. The good universal +30% dmg card is prison cutter because of broadhead’s bleeding (max broadhead still has 2.5sec downtime tho), or 0 broadhead 3 rajapearl (but only 10% chance of bleeding tho and sacrifice all 3 purple card slot).
I tested max barbed against boruta, 3x100k x5OH every 15 second. Very hectic compared to casting 3x spread shot (5hit @ 200k per OH)

half correct!

if you have 1500+crit rate at lv 420 for 50% crit cap, i think it will be less than 50% against lv 450 legend raid boss

i think for cannon it will be too much, my cannoner friend with 18k patk and cannon art can reach 3M dmg cap already

Yes I stand corrected, balancing I guess?

Yeah the only sad part is that it is the best and only really useful of Wugu (atleast?) for now… SFR still subpar compared to other circles…

Why compare Barbed to spread? You don’t sacrifice skill points from one to the other.

What about Barbed vs broad vs Bodkin vs dma?

Isn’t 3 cards for 30% to bleed? It is still good, it should have 100% uptime right you attack so often on bosses. It shouldn’t drop.

because both barbed and spread considered 2nd best skill (1st is magic arrow vs zenith), although barbed is tend for bossing only, their CD is almost similar too. Any fletcher skills is weaker compared to mergen’s

barbed cant be vs broad, because it is a combo of broad (bleed)+barbed.
vs bodkin too, combo bodkin+barbed
vs DMA, i dont have enough point to compare it. Theoritically, SFRxOH wise, barbed wins (both skills dont get burn+bleed debuff)

[★/3]% chance per attack dealt of bleeding an enemy for 6 sec
so 3 card, maxed at 10%