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Raise TP Spending Limit

Server : [SEA] Telsiai

Team Name : NextGen

Character Name : Pillow

Steam Account : nextgenpillow

Country : Malaysia

Why do I always get this kind of message even I already try to contact you guys through support ticket??

Replied: Aug 1st, 2020 at 3:30 am

Greetings Savior,

Thank you for contacting us.

We would like to inform you that according to your Steam purchase data, we will be unable to remove the monthly spending limit on your account; we highly suggest that you wait just a few days after your initial TP purchase for verification.

Should you have any further concerns, feel free to contact us again, and we will gladly help in any way we can.


Tree of Savior Support Team

What’s wrong with my Steam Purchase Data? Can you be please more specific about that? It’s been a month, and I need to wait for another month again to spend the rest of my TP??

Hello @WeksS

Apologies for the inconvenience. We would like to inform you that there is a policy being followed in order to process your request about TP spending limit. We highly suggest to contact support again after spending more time playing normally.

How long? It will be a waste of time if I just contact support everyday isn’t it? Can you please be more specific on that?