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Question about Vienarazis Mace and general +min/max attacks

Attack 374 - 439
INT 111
CON 20
Magic Attack 532
Maximum Attack 320
Minimum Attack 168
Critical Resistance 28
Block -3

My question here is, gems that give +Maximum attack (Red), from what I remember, AFFECT out min/max magical attack, since they are not specified as Physical Attack, but as Min/Max Attack only.

My question is simple, does this item increase Minimum and Maximum MAGICAL ATTACK by 168 and 320 each or only PHYSICAL? Please do not only speak out of your mink like “it’s supposed to be like that”, I want, if possible, Screenshots of people who already got it.

Answer, yes, it affects Magical Attack too.

min~mix is a physical weapon stat.

to increase magic attack you need int, matk, or magic amplification.

I don’t have min-maxy, but I do have a crystal bangle for comparison. (+10 max attack.)

It works on all 3 attack stats.

I expect, but don’t have confirmation, that said hammer acts the same.


I’m not asking about google info, I know that.

Red gems on weapons give +Max Attack and it DOES influence no Maximum Magical Attack.


That’s what I thought too from the same evidences you got, still a mistery though since only a few got it. (I’d like to know this before I craft one :stuck_out_tongue:)

Im curious to know about this myself but in the end wouldn’t a rod still be better after refine and transcendence?


Why would you transcend a Purple Weapon?

If this affects Min/Max matk, you can use it with good gems while you wait for those Orange Recipes at level 315 dungeon to transcend.

PS.: Level 315 Orange Club gives Magical Attack as base stat, not Physical.

i wouldn’t im just saying in comparison it still wouldn’t have as much potential as a weapon with base magic attack.


You might need this sort of weapon to do level 315 dungeon runs for your Orange Recipe.

Also, here goes some math:

532 matk

2 sockets x 75 = 150 matk

168 min matk = 168 matk

320 - 168 = 152/2 = 76 matk

111 INT = 111 matk

All together = 1037 matk with ZERO transcendence/enhance.

Then you go, with this weapon, drop yourself the level 315 Orange Club (that as I said, gives magical attack as base stat) and transcend/enhance it as much as you’d like :smiley:

Yea i understand that. I just didn’t get why you wanted this thing. It being a intermediate weapon makes more sense.


Yes, also you can’t trade Transcended weapons between characters and I have intentions on leveling 1 Wizard and 2 Clerics to level 315+, just sell it afterwards.

But yeah, obviously a intermediate weapon, but, if this is actualy applied, most likely the best one at that.

i have one mace, I can test it for you if you want


Could you please do so?

A screenshot of your stats with and without the mace, also showing the mace (to see any gems or whatever) would be awesome :smiley:

i didnt show in the video, but i also transposed after to remove all my int to make sure the bonus wasnt JUST from the 111 int that it gives


Thanks a lot @ronaiaronuit

Also with gems upgrade I will get 2x 96 matk for level 7 gems = +192 matk.


Proof is done

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so red gems is better than blue gems for more matk?


Sorry, this was wrong before, apparently yeah, 310 max attack means +155 matk at level 7 gem, which makes it better than 96 matk from level 7 blue gem.

Wait so do red gems affect max magic attack or not?

The “no” is a typo, right?

it does in fact work on magic atk, but is not better than blue gem this is what he was talking about.

Well when we get the gem update…

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He asked if red gems are better than blue gems for matk, I said no.

Yes, they work for matk, I’ve already tried it.