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Pyro Elementalist Tao

hi guys, do you have another build for this class lineup?
i saw this one earlier but i wonder if there are some variation on it

I don’t know where you got that build but don’t follow it. Here’s the cookie cutter build :
-get all pyro attributes
-get meteor attributes
-you can take points from fire wall /fire ground and put them into hell breath but the skill doesn’t deal that much damage atm
-you can take points from electrocute and put them in elem essence or fire claw


Fireball is terrible. trash that build and use what @teloutre posted, its good.

Max Teleport is good too (and Lethargy5, Shield5)

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hmmm… i wonder if i could go with 5 elemental essence and 5 electrocute… or it is better to choose one?

electrocute works great with storm calling, while ele essence increases all ele damage? or i get that skill description wrong?

that skill get more targets with levels. best max it or 0

ele essence increases all ele damage?

it helps when you have elemental advantage or disadvantage
see ingame help or
good in some situations but does nothing often/sometimes

more “standard” builds are

1 Hell Breath (14 Firewall) can be useful for the cc too

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so elemental essence is a very situational buff, i will just drop it then and go with the electrocute

i see… no enchant fire as well
i think i will got with full firewall, im quite bad on mashing lot of button

oh yeah, since i messed up some of the skill build, where can i reset it?
hopefully its not cash related…

pyro ele tao is the contrary to mashing buttons, 30s+ CD on all skills, cmon.

is that so, then i will keep it in mind then :>

There are some Skill Reset Potion in PP Shop and from Vaivora NPC

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it is generally a bad idea to not max a skill. You either max your skill, put only 1 point in it because it doesn’t scale well, or put all remaining points in it.

You get enough skills to use with 4 classes total, one maxed out skill has more value than 2 half maxed skills

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how good is a level one enchant fire?

I have it at Lv1 (Skill Potion), it basically just serves to convert my Energy Bolt (Lv4 + 1 from Skill Potion) into a fire-element skill to further take advantage of my fire-buff/debuff stacking on myself and my target.

You probably shouldn’t get it if you’re not spamming EB as much as I am. You’re free to experiment a bit due to the multiple reset potions they’ve been giving out anyway.

lv15 enchant fire scrolls are cheap on the market so I wouldn’t care too much about it unless you don’t have better skill to up (which you do as a pyro)