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Pardoner Skill Explanation + Simony Scroll List

One time use only. After use it’ll consume.

I have tested it in international beta, and I am pretty sure that MATK does change attack of heal. Sadly, I have not compared tooltip values, but maybe MATK just doesn’t show on tooltips at all? Either way - heal spell heal is increased only by INT, but heal spell damage is increased by MATK.

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I think it should be bugged too that with lvl 15 heal it costs more… It doesn’t make sense that they would encourage even more lvl 1 skills… I hope they change it. It would make much more sense if you could make lvl 15 scrolls much cheaper if you have lvl 15 skills.

I can’t confirm about real attack dmg. I can confirm only real heal recovery + skill info changing by INT. It’d make sense though that MATK add attack dmg to it. I’ll edit my msg to make it less confuse. Thanks for let me know. XD

whoa… this Simony skill is too strong if anyone can use and anywhere
Why make party? you just need silver to buy the scrolls and you going solo lvl much faster…
imo people are going to play solo with a lot os scrolls, maybe a market inflation and PvP is going to be a mess/unfair

Buffs given by players will always be stronger, due to attributes. In terms of PvE it likely will be too cost inefficient to use scrolls. In terms of PvP, buff scrolls will likely be popular, but that is good - keeps economy rolling.

  1. Can be anything
  2. Don’t know yet
  3. There’s max amount of box items for each skill level
  4. Don’t know yet, but seems bug
  5. Just anything in range. If too many mob possible to hit random target that’s in range.
  6. I can’t upload clip nor fully pic. You can look how skill look like in picture above in first comment.

Thank you xxforbidden405 for the explanation of the oblation skill.

1 question again about the scroll: so, when u use a safe zone scroll, the scroll disapear and other safe zone scoll has a cooldown. ok, but my true safety zone skill is on cool down in the same time or i can make a safety zone skill around the SZ scroll?

Yes, Cool down from skill won’t share to scroll.

It is not the case. To have pardoner access Priest/Krivis/Oracle/Durid skill on higher level, that pardoner could have use Divine Might scrolls or pair with any Clerics with Divine Might.

That’s mean i can put 2 safety zone at the same time on the ground?

Yes, like that picture comparing attribute.

This is OP!!! No one can imagine what we can do with that? Pardonner alone or cleric with safety zone scroll could kill any boss just with 1 skill and 1 scroll …

So OP! I hope they will fix that!

Safety Wall skill itself is strong but it have fix duration for 20 second. It can run out before used all shield it have. Imo it’s pretty good to use for party. And trust me if playing Cleric 3 at high lv and solo thing alone… You took forever to killing something not just boss. Pardoner also lack on attack skill so basically you will stuck with cleric skill, sadhu (need to not get hit to use OOB and other skill) or paladin (skil dmg mostly base by str which not gonna be good with INT build).

All scroll can use 1 time > cool down so any skill that can use 2 times > cool down will still be better (ex. heal or zaibas). As for skill that have default 1 time > cool down I’m agree that they should add something about scroll / skill cool down to these kind of skill.

Do you know if the donation attribute does anything or is it just a gimmick?

Pardoner : Donation? XD

I’m not sure. Me and my friend stop at lv20-30 and get nothing. We can’t continue giving cause we broke.

Maybe someone insane (me) should get it to 100 and see if it does anything then.

Only 5 million silver!

That’s what I thought yesterday. I’d try it on last day and put all money I have to it. lol

Pardoner: Donation (Attribute Max lvl 100)
Donation is possible through Pardoner Master (You can donate to the pardoner master??? and why would you donate stuff to the pardoner master in the first place???). The amount of donation will differ everytime (i assume higher attribute level = lower the normal donation amount) . It is so hard to guess what this skill does because its worded/translated so strangely.

Is it one of those weird option you can select with the pardoner master npc like the oracle master npc where you pay iCoins and it spews out some info?

Donation is possible through Pardoner Master > Donate money through that attribute to him
The amount of donation will differ everytime > Money will be random like lv2 = 2006 or 2017 etc. (can’t remember real amount but it reset every time when talk to him again, sometime higher sometime lower)

So far it’s just donate money to that Pardoner Master NPC.