NPC Quest Flag Icons Missing After Maintenance


Does anyone know how to get the NPC quest flags back over their head. I have show other character’s effects toggled on and ive tried the usual fixs like abandoning a quest and retaking it but nothing is making them show.

Also removed my addons to test, still doesnt work. Its really annoying not being able to see the flags above the npcs heads when your questing an alt, please post anything you might know for a fix if you can, thanks.


I have the exact same issue as you,

I’m currently deleting and reinstalling the game

let you know if that work


Thanks, its happened to several people in our guild aswell so it sounds like its on their end, well see though.


After deleting and reinstalling the issue is still here

Can a GM look into this please?


I have this same exact issue.


I’m using Better Quest addon and clicking the checkbox to fix that. However, this still doesn’t work for the first quest you take on a map. Once you’ve accepted one quest, all suddenly appear.


Does anyone manage to fix that?


My bad. The addon allows you to see the flags ON THE MAP ONLY. All flags on NPCs are gone with this week’s patch.

You can’t, it’s bugged. Try to send a ticket if you want, I’m fed up having all mine closed without a response with bot answers like “check game file integrity” or “as a workaround, try to delete user.xml and restart the game” even after showing clear evidence with a video.


I did a clean installation after the update and the problem persists. :c


Since last patch, the flags have also disappeared from main map, you can only track quests from the minimap. This is a bug that occured before and was supposed to be fixed, but I guess too many times they rollback their own patches so all the bugs eventually come back. Tired popo…