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NO EXP Boost Bug - Burning Weekend Buff Missing

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Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) : May 22nd 2020 / EST

Server Name: Klaipeda

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Bug Description : No Exp Boost from the Weekend NPC. There are the other boosts but no EXP boost.
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yea the icon on the topleft is not there i guess,
But if u look in your F1 Window, is there a EXP+100% showing there? i think so

There is a server 100% but no extra bonus exp at all outside my own team bonus and my token bonus.

the exp burning weekend one icon is purple.
they definitely forget to add this.
instead there is an addition of even t discount which is not included in news page
who knows what will come to us in the next day given this unreliability of event page
we all got imced

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Ya I thought I was missing on something.

Amazed how IMC staff/management can screw up something this menial…

The double exp didn’t work yesterday and doesn’t work today either, unfortunately.


“we all got imced”

3 days in a row with transcendence discount and without +100% exp buff… Nice.

Dead game is dead game