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New update into the game, same old problems - time to leave TOS

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I’m confused, almost all of these were addressed and fixed with Rebuild or with this last patch.

The things which were made worse are how easy the game is for everybody, not just “muskets cannons and pelts” as you say. Especially when muskets just ate a whole bunch of PVP nerfs and anyone stacking massive amounts of defense now suffers from significant diminishing returns.

There is actually one weapon that is suffering tremendously, but even 1h sword got at least the bandaid treatment of an attribute. That one weapon is crossbow, and that’s more than anything a feature of there not being a breakout 1h bow class on par with mergen/musket/cannon. The SFR buffs to hacka and other swordsman classes certainly makes 1h sword a viable option, especially given the changes to weapon requirements in other swordsman classes.

Some actual glaring problems since this patch:

  • Some skills are hitting so hard in PVP that they appear to be bugged/not taking PVP reduction into account at all.
  • Major, major, major imbalance between arts for different classes.
  • Few translation hiccups on items and skill tooltips.
  • Block meta returns.
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You’re way too overinvested in a video game and now picking it apart to find the smallest of reasons to hate on it to vent your overall frustration that has been building up outside of the game.

The most important thing is that you’re supposed to have fun, but this got lost along the way and I’m sure a video game isn’t the main reason for it.


it’s just a game. bye!!!


In terms of balance of other swordsmen, Hackapell I still severely lacking. It gained a MASSIVE speed boost, however, there is still a damage issue compared to other classes and no buffs to boost it’s damage at all other than buffs other classes also have access to.

While I agree the nerf of tanks was needed, but they gave all the buffs And counters to Spear only. Instead of spreading it out to other classes. It still is an issue where spear will be stronger than sword in everything (They even can be Hackapells) when it should be a pro and con thing. And swords have a lot more cons than pros looking at it. Hopefully the new sword classes fix it, though.

i wont spend my time writing all those for a game i know i hate because so many stuffs inside it is not going the way “i” want it to be. unless you are some attention seeker who likes like button and views.this makes me think this is your first game ever dude.

nothing is going to change your way…

in respond to your long post ill spend a minute to this

heres your chance your idea comes to fruition(%):
0:create thousand accounts,spam thread in forum,like it and end up ignored, flagged & banned
1:spam tickets and enjoy the auto response
5:learn korean, spam ticket here in korean
10:buy dozens of nexon accounts,start spamming in ktos feedback
50:be a respected whale in ktos so that your opinion does matters
90:get your way become imc dev and lead the dev
100:buy imc and takeover the game

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/20 popolions

create your own mmorpg game, implement all your dreams and we`ll see about that.

You don’t need to do that to get mystic pages, you can get them from many other places. Additionally, the content that you don’t like to do does not make it “whale” content. Legendary raids, especially new ones, are not that hard and do not require being a whale. You do not need a +16 stage 10 weapon, there is only 1 weapon type which truly needs help (crossbows), and the rest are fine.

This is the exact opposite of what you’re trying to argue. You claim that you want weapon damage to be less dependent on upgrade level, yet you obsess over the fact that some people have higher upgraded weapons and therefore have more attack value. It’s less and less important than it ever was, and harder and harder to get that high.

You can play any build you want right now (with extremely few exceptions) and solo most content in the game. It is exactly people like you who have driven IMC to these kinds of design decisions where every class is good at doing damage, no matter how half-baked or absurd the combinations seem. Every class melts everything in the game with one button press now, it’s clear that you have not played since Tuesday or have not even bothered to get an entry level weapon–which costs virtually nothing to farm and obtain.

Doesn’t seem like it, the couple people I’ve seen trying hackapell are very happy about its damage and new utility in PVP. Are you sure you got the 1h sword attribute? Are you using it with a shield class? Make sure you have the shield damage attribute too if you are. I’m going to mess around with mine a little this weekend because I have a fun build idea, so I have not played it myself just yet, but I’ll let you know if it seems subpar again. The SFR buffs were really the one big thing it needed.

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

the weapon base attack isn`t the only factor that impact your damage output
and gosh…
you still here?

leave already and get a better game

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Oh, you’re terrified by that? We must be on the same boat. Stay with us.

You’re really bad at math, you are also apparently forgetting that gems exist.

On the content that matters, the difference between +11 and +16, or +16 and +19 especially (lmao) is extremely small. What matters is your damage output. It sounds like you don’t know how to play your class, which is why making normal content so easy was a huge mistake on IMC’s part. There’s no difficulty scaling. Everything is either too easy or requires a 3 digit IQ.

“I don’t like this content therefore everyone who does is stupid.” -You

Just buy the pages then, they’re like 2m on the market max.

dont bother argue with him man
he dont even play the game
said he will leave but he`ll be back in 2 years? duh.
reading his post/listening to him just like you listen to a wannabe doctor that delusionaly insist he got his degree by watching youtube and reading some newspaper updates.

but sure, do whatever you want just commenting on your statement on leaving but yet you still lingering around here forcing your dream.

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“Of course I’m an expert in forensic science, do you have any idea how much Law and Order they play on TV?” :haha: