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Need input on maining Sorc <----build I intend to use for now but It doesn’t seem complete. Going full int. It has the summons I enjoy and I think enough damage output with the summons+feather foot. Any useful information would be helpful.

EDIT: Going through the skills many times over I find this to be the best mid way for pve and pvp usefulness. Enough hard attacking skills so you won’t rely on summons for major damage but still have them around to tank and be a dps.

Looks good, full PvE, you can try Sorc1/Necro1 but I’m not sure, don’t believe people will agree with you on getting sorc 2 and not taking it to sorc 3 though (feels live wiz c2)

Yeah I thought about sorc 3 but I’d be missing on alot of my own damage skills. I feel like c2 is enough to where me and the summon can be be powerful enough. But I can’t say. I never played the class yet.

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funny thing i was thinking about that same build… put after some reading sorc seem to be a bit of a wast of sp :frowning:… but i would love to c if ppl can give me some more info on this build… and ppl also say u dont need sorc3 sorc 2 is just as good…

Yeah I recently went and redid my build slightly so it would work better in pvp as well as pve. I think this is the best I can do. Enough major attacking skills so you won’t be on cd alot. Spam the kitty summon for sp regen.

i like wat u have done but this is so far wat im thing about doing

mite be a lil slow early on but big jump late game …more dps… but tel me wat u think


Your build is actually pretty good.

Skill changes:

  • Lethargy 1, 2 levels on it is useless, 1 point for EQ is enough, put points into EBolt because it reduces the minimun cast time.

  • No points for firewall, 5 points for fireball.

  • Physical Link 5 max (max 5 people in party), Unbind not so needed, invest the rest into Hangmans.

  • Sorc is fine and Featherfoot looks fine (don’t really know FF)

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i change it already this is an old post