[NA-Klaipeda] Omniscience Guild EST/Casual-PvE/PvP-Friendly-Social


Welcome to our guild recruitment post! Omniscience is looking to recruit English speaking, Active, Social players of both PvE and PvP minds. With the new combat patch rolled out in full, we’re beginning to make partys with our higher level members for the 300+ Hunting Grounds as they offer high level gear and a great amount of exp/hour. We have also been running guild events every Saturday and Sunday at 12:00am - 1:30pm server time, and have a setup for ET runs within the guild.

-Guild Stats

  • Guild Level: 13(10/09/17)

  • Guild Stats:
    Lv 8 Members
    Lv 1 Taming
    Lv 3 Farming

  • Guild Maximum: 74

What We’re Looking For:

  • Players who are comfortable using Discord. (Microphone not 100% necessary but if we’re using voice comms for a raid you’ll have to be able to hear us.)

We use Discord as it is basically the best communication platform going outside of the in game chat. It, for all intents and purposes, is an extremely useful tool that allows us to track, log, and discuss information via voice comms or simple text chat rooms. For anyone new to discord check out their website if you are unsure about the program here.

  • Players who can be online during the afternoon hours of EST, say 3pm - 10pm.

Currently we are rebuilding our member base so we can have a more solid core during my playtime as only guild leader can begin guild events, it is hard to include everyone if I cannot be online when late night players are on. Unfortunately during the week I am unable to start events before around 3pm as I work a full time job. Weekends are an exception since I don’t work them, we are more flexible with starting times and can hopefully include more players.

  • Players interested in end game content be it PvE or PvP.

Going forward, we have an active system in place to incentivize running ET with guild members. If you’re a new player we also have a setup for you to receive help from guild veterans, at your disposal. Guild events are run every weekend and are voted on via straw poll ahead of time. We have a system that I’ve dubbed ToSP(Tree of Savior Points) which is similar to the DKP system you see guilds use in most MMOs. Completing tasks with or for your fellow guild members will earn you ToSP which can be used for Guild Event rewards such as the Guinea Pig Mount and, once we hit guild level 14, Practonium from that raid.

Ultimately, we are still a casual guild, but we’ve adapted some systems that are friendly to both new and older players to give you something to do with your time, while still being able to cater to those who don’t have a hardcore schedule, but still want to hit some of the end game content!

Thank you for reading my lines of text, and if you are interested in joining a laid back guild, our members combined have plenty of information and alts we can help out with.

Application: Join our discord and fill out this small information bit and post it in the #apply_here text channel.

  • Team Name:

  • Characters:

  • What Time/Days Do You Play?:

  • Interested in PvP/PvE or Both?:

  • If new, how old is your account?:

  • Date of Application:

Discord: https://discord.gg/pzcDJAG

Please feel free to message me here or ingame, if you have any questions, at Team Name: Planeswalkers


If you would also like to speak MTG, I dabble in EDH and keep up with Standard as best I can. Feel free to drop in on our discord anytime!


Here’s a playlist of us doing the Demon Prison Guild Event exported to youtube from my twitch stream:


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I’d like to join
I’m a new player so just wondering if that’s okay?


Team Name : Zentia

Characters : Lv45 Cryomancer Nyx

What Time/Days Do You Play : Everyday, during noon or night.

Interested in PvP/PvE or Both : Both

Extra Note : Im not from US, so my timezone is different.


Team Name: Sevdaliza

Characters: Lv9 Wizard

What Time/Days Do You Play?: Every day, Noon-Night In EST

Interested in PvP/PvE or Both?: PvE for now but maybe later ill do PvP


Team Name: Vorticon

Characters: 330 Cleric2-Priest3-Chaplain-PlagueDoctor2 and 320 Ranger3-Rogue-SchwarzerReiter3

What Time/Days Do You Play?: ~ 4:30PM to 11PM (MST)

Interested in PvP/PvE or Both?: Both

Date of Application: 6/22/2017





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•Team Name: LastRite
•Characters: Warlock / SR / Doppel / Lancer
•What Time/Days Do You Play?:6PM - 12AM EST
•Interested in PvP/PvE or Both?:PVE
•Date of Application: 07/27/17


Team Name: FreeSandwiches
character: mains are dopel, dragoon, fencer and couple of shinobis
what time/days do you play?: prabably around 6pm to 12 am EST
Date of application:07/29/17


Been doing some heavy recruiting ingame lately, still looking to fill up our roster with some more friendly, casual, social players. :slight_smile:

Join our discord and apply there: https://discord.gg/2remk2d


20 characters…


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20 characters sir.


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Hello! I’d like to join with a plus 1 :slight_smile:

Team name: Seuri
Characters: Chrono/Krivis (planning on remaking)
What time/days do you play?: Around 6pm-11/12am, earlier on weekends EST
Interested in: PvE
Date of application: 10/21/17

Team name: Aohn
Characters: Quarrel shooter (lv 200+)
Interested in: PvE
Account: New (few weeks)
What time/days do you play?: Around 6pm-11:30pm EST


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Slowly filling up, looking for more EST players.