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[NA] butts: hey gays we need you


Hi, we had a guild thread before but I’m guessing anyone who looked at it died of a stroke. We were initially a bit of (as in 100%) a joke guild concepted in founders on Klaipeda, hence the name and the danny devito emblem, HOWEVER…we’ve decided to open recruitment in hopes of gaining political power thanks

So, I want you lovely and talented people to join butts the guild.

Casual/Fun/Help oriented. lgbt friendly. as in 3/4ths of us aren’t straight and one of us is, in a surprising twist of events, catholic. We’re open war because it’s funny but if that causes issues for anyone I can declare neutrality any time. You’re not expected to meet a certain gear/level/contribution or even activity standard, just have fun and be good to each other while you’re on this ride.

Thread under construction please look forward to a sexier guild


  1. be nice. drama happens but sort it out respectfully
  2. discriminatory stuff isn’t tolerated at all
  3. don’t abuse bugs or bannable programs
  4. genuinely
  5. don’t be gross man. be respectful of boundaries
  6. remember to have fun. this is a threat.

Contact Daruma or Fizzlebeef in-game if you want to join, or post in this thread. Remember to state your IGN and post a pic of your char so we can rate you from dignity to disaster


ONE OF US ONE OF US. Hi please join and defeat the status quo. Become the change you want to see in the world.


electro if you see this you can count on us we’ll find the gays




I recognize the layout of #4 from about 8 years ago. OGPlanet?


oh shoot ahaha…caught. yeah, ogp. the three of us who found the guild met on latale (unfortunately)

@Nukella thank you…! may butts rise…


He is trying, believe me…
rising butts


Finally a guild i need. but in klaipeda oTL


damb!! server discrepancies orz but hey, if you ever join us on Klai, we’ll help you get up to gear/level winkss

@Nirimetus gets it. thanks for that gif made my life


I would join, butt I already belong to another T^T. had I seen this 3 months ago maybe


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groovy sleep

still lookin for those hot new members



My friend and I are interested in joining. Our team names are Leiy and ZanyJunior.

We are gay. lol



God, sorry for the late ass response. I’m more or less on hiatus for this game, but if you just want a guild to pop in temp, I can nab you two anytime.

Cute chars though lays down


Are you guys still recruiting? I’m not gay but you guys seem like a cool group of people to hang with.


invitenme name chokiwifu


This guild is inactive, right? Like I would love for it not to be if that’s an option tho.