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Miko prerequired quest

Im doing the collecting spirits quest for the miko class and I’m stuck at the orb at Demon Prison District.
According to:
I should kill around 100 mobs at level 2, then come back to level one.
I do that, take the orb according to the server time and then proceed to the pillars.
However there are no pillars where they should be:

What do I do incorrectly?

They are still the same pillars. They changed the image/sprite used for the pillar. But it is the same. Even on the same configuration.

And I hope you are having fun with this quest. :slight_smile:

That would be great however I can’t click on them. They are there just as a sprite with no way to interact with them.
I would have more fun if I knew what I’m doing wrong : D

Ok, figured it out. Couldnt click because I had mouse controller set up. After changing to keyboard the pillars were clickable and I was able to get the orb.

That is a very recent bug people are reporting and no answer from IMC yet received so far.

sorry I have problem on this too. But I’m doing it wrong for 2 attempt how to reset the statue? or i need to wait for 1 day for it???