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Merge the quests per team!

“As the title says, we only live once. Each of us players controlled many characters yet it’s all the same quests you have to play in order to level up. No matter how many chars you play, it’s you and you alone as a player that play the quests, not the only one, single character.”

Bla bla bla, to summarize – just let only first character play the quests and other chars can just visit Vaivora, ask to share quest progress and get free EXP booms INSTEAD of repeating the lores and quests (skip the storyline for fast leveling up). Yeah, for some, it’ll be a quick lvl up, but having to repeat and wasting time for this lvl up is annoying and boring, when we have to struggle with wasting time farming items and raids to craft legend gears and end-game contents.


First of all I agree with your suggestion but the only thing they don’t implement it or “yet” — is because for new players who gonna play the game + the returners it would be unfair for them somehow.

now if youll do this, one can create a char do dailies, saalus, CM etc. delete then rinse and repeat.

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I’m really against this, because there are people who like doing the quests with all their chars. Like me. If you find quests boring, then what about all the dailies? I find it way more boring to do the same dungeon runs 3x daily… You can also skip the quests if you don’t want to do them, and if you explored 100% of the maps with your first character, you should be able to level up really fast with the exp card from Wings of Vaivora.

I suggested something like this but it was OPTIONAL to repeat the quest for EXTRA REWARDS or just receive the exp/silver so, people who want to relive some of the quests with important lore or people who like monotonous boring quests with zero creativity and insuferable quest items that has a lot of cooldown to use can have their “fun” back on each of their characters while the rest of the normal people can make more characters and focus on pvp and diversity of builds/build testing