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Megaphone Boxs Tradable


Hi. Since this game didnt have a place to know what is selling everyone Shouts r the most common way to let people now u want to do a party or trade a item. From the playstyle of a free player is a big problem to just have 5 tp every day to spend on megaphones. Cause the number of instances and more. So if was possible like tokens r sold at market or enchant scrolls. Make Megaphones Tradable. It dont need to be the free ones. U could create a new box that is tradable but when u open the box it become untradable. I saying this cause is very annoying when u need to wait someone shout to do a raid cause u dont have anymore Megaphones or tp to buy them. Also the lack of people shouting makes the server feel empty or dead insted if is not.