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Medal Shop Costumes

It’s been months since costumes from past gachas are being made available in the medal shop :hey:

Did IMC scrapped this system? :sad:


i wonder about this too… what happened to medal shop in krtos?
is it discontinued as well?
how about jtos medal shop?

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i think they ignore it.just like anybody else and this thread that ignored.

sure hope they bring it back :tired:

I was asking myself the same, and kinda sad about it…

yeah… i myself is anxious on why this is happening and what does it indicate… considering there is no official statement regarding the matter

I’m also for an update on the medal shop costumes.

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Please update medal shop costumes & accessories thank you

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Throw hundreds of dollars at RNG cubes until you get what you want instead of waiting to get it for a fixed, reliable price. - Kim Hakkyu, the genius behind goddess blessed cube

reminds me of a time i didn’t get the costume i want, but got wing cosmetics instead owO;;

kinda wish they’d said something about this