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Lv430 Vaivora weapons

If IMC was smart they would make all the classes bonus stats/skill increase for the class tree respected weapons but keep the top initial stats ( X STR and X INT for example).Once we achieve the weapon let us choose 1 class stats/Skill bonus instead haven’t it restricted to 1 class.

Obviously this would require a lot of work but it would be so worth it to everyone.

any1 knows how really work 1h vaivora sword?
Provides a 30% chance to gain ▲50% “Additional Damage” stat when attacking.
that´s +50% all dmg? +50% on SFR? +50% in property dmg? +50% on final dmg?
that additional dmg is so confused.

i think it’s only additional damage & property damage (property damage = additional damage)Capture d’écran 2019-12-26 à 10.52.02
Capture d’écran 2019-12-26 à 10.56.04

but yes, it’s still very confusing.

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That’s basically what I wrote but people are ignoring it and yours because they don’t care so they take wtv IMC gives them :blush:.

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actually it is not that we ignoring, but all your suggestion written here wont be as impactful as if you write to ktos developer directly, like what we did before, discreetly

Honestly,I think it’s good idea but it would be too much for IMC and would most likely mess it up.I personally won’t go out too much out of my way with this idea so I’ll keep it here if they are interested.

which 6? murm, pelt, rode?

…wait a minute! If you killed elite and it drops X vaivora weapon, wont it be double X vaivora drop (ergo instant X vaivora ichor)?
i remember elite USUALLY drop double blessed shard (common) and double planium (rare)

this new gear drop rate even more rare than our current primus drop rate

let me fix it for you

Eh? Planium drops is pretty reasonable if you guys ask me… That is if you run enough CMs a day with all those resets given

I got like 60 planiums sitting in my bank atm, theyre way too cheap now so i dont bother selling

please stay on topic, guys

At least it is %

Better than DPK :man_shrugging:

Lol good old dpk. Farming for the battle bracelets in that church for weeks. Wow… Good memories.

One of my guildmates asked about Drakonas Frieno set yesterday. I told him about the church… :haha:

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tch, the hunt is on

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Is there any way to both extract the ichor and apply the Vaivora weapon appearance to my current weapon?

No you’d have to do each separately

Where’s the rainbow pony mounts? its incomplete gahahaha

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