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Losing Linker to Scout


greyhiem at his video comment confirmed, any global drop arent pilagable


How can smth random be confirmed lol

And even if it is true, cors would still better for farm due to extra silver. It’s farm right, so why bother with BM or anyone else.


on the video of corsair/tauma/linker hi is not in party


basically, if the item that you want to farm doesnt have any monster possesing it, then you cant steal it, which is now unfortunately some the most sought items like sapphire, album, any
asio/wastrel material, primus


Best farmer in my opinion is Link-Thaum-SR:

  1. Being mounted gives extra mov speed, and extra hp/def/evasion
  2. Limacon to aggro targets while on the move (replacement for wizard’s jumping+auto attack)
  3. Caracole cooldown matches joint penalty, has good damage, and has a ricochet effect which pretty much guarantees a 1-shot
  4. All Linker and Thaum skills can be used on mount
  5. The SR evasion skill, as far as I know, works for evasion the same way legend marnox works for crit rate (I might be wrong on this one)

Offtopic: I’d love to see if its possible to kill linked+swelled groups using just the Scout base skills, Dagger slash and Oblique Fire. Just to see if its possible of course, since its obviously better to use your 3rd class to kill the mobs.


Good idea! 20 charrr