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Legend Enchant Jewel -RNG stat max?

1)i see random legend enchant Jewel(lv 400) having totally varying stats.

Like sometimes its.
Critical Rate increase 3.4% then other time its
critical rate increase 14.5%

but the highest i ever saw the antimage stat of it
Magical Damage Decrease 23%
then sometime its like 5%
whats up with this? is there a limit to the stat?
Edit:2) Also can two enchant stat stack up with other equip
for ex: i have Weapon Physical damge increase 10% on glove + Physical damge increase 6% on shoes does it work?

  1. last question, does Sub-weapon Damage increase damage of two hand weapon?
    i put in main 2h weapon , and i got sub weapon-damage increase , not sure if it works or i need to change
  • Accuracy (25%)
  • AoE attack ratio (3)
  • Block (25%)
  • Block penetration (25%)
  • Critical rate (25%)
  • Critical resistance (25%)
  • Damage on boss monsters (15%)
  • Damage when critical (15%)
  • Evasion (25%)
  • Magic damage taken reduced (25%)
  • Main weapon attack damage (15%)
  • Movement speed (3)
  • Physical damage taken reduced (25%)
  • PvP damage (15%)
  • PvP damage taken reduced (25%)
  • Subweapon attack damage (15%)

Any jewel can roll any amount. Legend jewels just roll higher values on average.

You cannot stack two of the same stat. Only the higher number takes effect.

No, it does not. Only main hand weapon damage does.


thank you so much for the info

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