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And Doppel got old Punish from new vvr.

Tree of recycle :whitepopotired:

There also is a new Tel’Harsha legend card (atk vs plants +750 per star). I wonder if it’s summonable.


Where are the Cleric classes? XD

TOS Development Team: September Update

Hello, this is the Tree of Savior development team.

In this post, we will tell you about some of the new and overhauled content scheduled for the game in September.

1. New Hunting Ground Raid: Tel Harsha

A new raid, [Tel Harsha], has been added to Irredian Shelter.

Tel Harsha are demons who claim to be the owners of Irredian Shelter after the magical cataclysm of Nicopolis.


The goal of the battle with Tel Harsha is to take each other’s embers.

As time goes on, you will lose embers you gather, and Tel Harsha will take them and regain his strength.

The savior must take a variety of actions to avoid having Tel Harsha take the embers and become stronger.

[Irredian Shelter] Entry to the Hunting Ground boss has been improved
The unique entry method into the boss battles in Irredian Shelter has been improved, and the portals are now always active. In addition, Tel Harsha shares entry counts with the existing Hunting Ground bosses, but to alleviate fatigue, the maximum number of entries per week has been adjusted.

The chance of obtaining rare items have been increased accordingly based on the entry count adjustment.

※ These changes also affect the boss raid [Misrus] in the Outer Wall Sewers.

Battle Difficulty Settings
The development team has determined that only having one difficulty for a raid acts as a barrier, making it hard for some users to even try content. Starting with the new [Moringponia Solo Legend Raid], raids will be gradually improved to allow you to select a more diverse difficulty level before entering based on you or your party’s capabilities.

In the Tel Harsha Hunting Ground Raid, the mechanics of the boss can be removed through options selected before the battle begins, and the HP and ATK of the boss will also be lowered based on the number of options you select.

These difficulty settings will affect the final reward and the chances of obtaining other rewards, based on the type and quantity of mechanics selected and removed.

We hope that raids will be a fun way to grow your character, and we can mitigate the barrier for entering these content.

2. New accessories and accessory stats overhauled

2-1. Incomplete Karaliene Accessories
Because Karaliene accessory crafting requires a rare item, Archstone, even if you obtained Drakonas and Moringponia accessories, your character’s growth was slowed down until you could obtain Archstones.

To alleviate this, a new accessory known as “Incomplete Karaliene Accessories”, that acts an intermediate step, will be added.

The Incomplete Karaliene Accessories cannot fully demonstrate the full power of the current Karaliene accessories, but they can be crafted with fewer materials. However, unlike the current Karaliene accessories, they will require additional materials obtained from the new Hunting Ground Raid, Tel Harsha.

To craft an Incomplete Karaliene Accessory into a Karaliene Accessory, you must use the same current materials. In addition, the appearance of the Karaliene Accessories, which was similar to the current Moringponia accessories, will be changed. They will have a new appearance to reflect the value of the item, and the existing appearances will be moved to the Incomplete Karaliene Accessories.

[Crevox Notes]
Incomplete Karaliene Necklace
+10 Moringponia Necklace
+10 Drakonas/Carnas Necklace
Violetin Crystal x1
Smoldering Garment of Tel Harsha x16

Incomplete Karaliene Bracelet
+10 Moringponia Bracelet
+10 Drakonas/Carnas Bracelet
Violetin Crystal Shard x1
Smoldering Garment of Tel Harsha x8

Karaliene Necklace
Incomplete Karaliene Necklace
Violetin Crystal x1
Smoldering Garment of Tel Harsha x32

Karaliene Bracelet
Incomplete Karaliene Bracelet
Violetin Crystal Shard x1
Smoldering Garment of Tel Harsha x16

Violetin Crystal Shard
Moth Talc Powder x11
Magic Stone x15
Goddess’ Blessed Gem x35
Sierra Stone x50
Archstone Fragment x5
5,000,000 silver

[Back to translation]
In order to alleviate the concern of not being able to wear the accessories without having all of the set, the set bonus has been divided and applied as an effect on each part of the accessories, with the effect’s potency based on it being a necklace or bracelet. With all the accessories worn, the original effect is restored. This is the same case for the Karaliene accessories.

2-2. Luciferi Accessories
Luciferi accessories are a new accessory that are stronger than Karaliene, and can be crafted at Teliavelis. In order to craft Luciferi accessories, you will need Karaliene accessories that have been enhanced and transcended to 10, a new material known as “Luferium” made by the alchemist master, and the Smoldering Garments of Tel Harsha.

The Luciferi accessories are stronger than Karaliene accessories, but in order to take full advantage of its effects, your own stats must also increase.

[Crevox Notes]
Luciferi Necklace
+10 / Trans10 Karaliene Necklace
Luferium x2
Smoldering Garment of Tel Harsha x144

Luciferi Bracelet
+10 / Trans10 Karaliene Bracelet
Luferium x1
Smoldering Garment of Tel Harsha x72

Dark Iron x25
Goddess’ Blessed Gem x10
Moth Talc Powder x11
Magic Stone x10
25,000,000 Silver

Dark Iron
Alchemist Master sells for 1,000,000 silver.

2-3. Accessory stat overhaul
The magic defense bonuses granted by necklaces and bracelets do not make a significant difference in the game, and the strength of the accessories depended on their set bonuses, so you were only able to reach their power by wearing all three accessories.

Therefore, the development team has decided to increase the individual effectiveness of the accessories by changing the main stats on necklaces and bracelets to Physical Attack and Magic Attack, giving a meaning to their stats and allowing gradual improvement.

Bracelets and necklaces of the same grade provide the same attack bonus, and you can improve this by enhancing/transcending them.


In addition, the main stats of shields have been overhauled to also provide Magic Defense at the same ratio as Physical Defense, removing unfair deviations in the amount of Physical and Magic Defense on characters.

3. New Vaivora equipment added

New Vaivora weapons will be added in the upcoming update. In this post, we will introduce some of the 9 upcoming Vaivora equipment.

3-1. Vaivora Staff [Psychokino]

Psychokino’s exclusive Vaivora weapon has a high amount of Psychokinesis magic damage increase, and as a special effect, it is designed to greatly increase the damage and utility of the Gravity Pole skill.

This is particularly useful as a crowd control effect against multiple monsters in the Split Singularity content, allowing it to play a key role in the highly difficult content.

3-2. Vaivora Crossbow [Quarrel Shooter]
Quarrel Shooter’s Vaivora weapon helps enable stronger AoE damage, which was generally lacking in the Quarrel Shooter class and other classes that use a crossbow weapon.

This is the first Vaivora weapon that has a dedicated skill within the item, and when acquired, it can be used while the weapon is equipped.

The exclusive skill “Cluster Shot” deals damage in a wide area in front after a 1 second cast time, and causes high damage instantly without any synergy conditions required.

In addition to this, it is considered a “casting time skill”, which makes it a good choice to use with the Gabija armor set for synergy with the [Holy Flame] effect.

3-3. Vaivora Pike [Cataphract]
Cataphract acts as a pillar among Swordsman for riding classes, with its high mobility and damage increasing buffs. However, due to its own lack of damaging skills, it has to rely on other classes for skill damage.

The new Vaivora Pike doubles the strike range of the channeling skill “Rush”, and when channeling has finished, an additional double swing can be used to inflict high damage.

If you use it alongside “Rush: Pull”, one of Cataphract’s arts, you will see enemies being pulled in while channeling.

3-4. Vaivora Two Handed Mace [Plague Doctor]

Plague Doctor’s “Pandemic” skill is an important skill used to spread debuffs, including “Black Death Steam” and “Incineration” to a large number of enemies. However, due to it needing to be used alongside the other skills and its lack of range, it was difficult to use effectively.

With the new Vaivora Two Handed Mace, the range of Pandemic wil be expanded, and the usability of the skill is greatly improved. Upon casting Pandemic, enemies will immediately be inflicted with both Black Death Steam and Incineration, and if the enemy is a monster, an additional debuff will be added that limits their movement.

In addition, the damage increase effect provided by the [Panic] debuff has been improved, so you can achieve greater power when combining Plague Doctor alongside other magic damage dealing classes within the Cleric class tree.

4. Boss Co-op

Field boss raids have been removed, and a new content known as Boss Co-op has been added to replace them. This battle is held at a specific time that allows players to enter with a 5-person party and battle a boss monster.

When you enter the Boss Co-op battle, you will battle for a certain period of time, and all damage your party inflicts will be added together to determine ranking across the entire server. The boss monster and map mechanics will be the same as those of Weekly Boss Raid for the week, but the race, armor type, and attributes of the boss will change every day.

When the Boss Co-op is over, the Goddesses’ Grace event will appear just like the existing field boss raids.

When the Goddesses’ Grace event ends, reward cubes will be distributed to the top 10 ranked parties on each server, and the total silver will be distributed to top 20 parties according to their rank. The amount of silver distributed to each party is less than before, but more players will have a chance to receive the silver.

5. Other plans

5-1. New Master Cards added.
May Card [Purple]
Effect: Critical Rate +[★ x 10]

Shelly Pennington Card [Purple]
Effect: Critical Resistance +[★ x 10]
Crevox Note: IMC wrote this card as Red in their preview post, but it is in fact Purple in the release on kTest.

5-2. World Map improvements

We’ve improved the usability of the World Map.
1. The list of your favorite locations will be displayed on the left of the initial menu of the World Map, allowing for more convenient use of your favorites.
-The maximum number of favorites has been changed from 5 to 8.
-Each favorite can be used immediately with a shortcut key (F1~F8), and you can check the minimap of the region through the world map. By using the warp map, you can immediately warp to that region.

Notes on the Warp Map
-The Warp Map can only be used at a statue of Goddess Vakarine, the carved Dievdirbys statue, and Warp Scrolls.
-You can only warp to the region if there is a goddess statue in the region, and if it has been activated.
-This applies even if the area had a Warp Scroll used on it.
-Shortcut keys cannot be changed by the user.

2. Changed the display image of "Warp Scroll Used Area"
-If you click on the image, you can immediately check the minimap of the area where the Warp Scroll was used, and by using the Warp Map, you can immediately move to the area where the scroll was used.

3. Other overhauls
-Use of the Token warp function within the Guild Territory Wars spot area has been disabled.
-You can see the mini-map of the region immediately when you search for it and on your favorites, and you can then go directly to the Warp Map to go there.
-In the Episode Map of the Warp Map, [Show All Maps] is no longer checked by default, and only maps with a goddess statue will be shown.

5-4. Skill Balance

Fencer, Matador

Although the current Fencer is actually an offensive melee class that uses two weapons (a rapier + dagger is mainly used because shield stats are limited), it only uses rapiers as its source of attack power and has a very high number of buffs to make up for it. Therefore, due to the combination of both Fencer and Matador being the only classes that use rapiers, there was a limit to strengthening Matador due to the design structure of Fencer.

Through this update, the rapier classes will be given a means to transfer dagger attack power similar to Retiarius (which uses a one-handed spear + dagger) and the power of their buffs and skill factors will be reset to normal ranges. In addition, we want to improve the classes so they can play more aggressively, by allowing them to block with the dagger and increasing their damage after a successful block.

Also, rapier classes have buffs that cause them to deal high damage to enemies when they are in front, or to enemies to which they have the highest threat against. However, while these effects provide a unique personality to the class concept, they cause problems with both small and large restrictions in Tree of Savior’s current party play, leaving both rapier users and their party members feeling uncomfortable. We plan to change the conditions to be more intuitive.


Cryomancer and some of Wizard’s other combat classes are gradually showing an acceptable amount of power thanks to new equipment items, but Cryomancer in particular will need the power of its skills improved to achieve this, so we plan to adjust the Skill Factors and the effects of their skills.

In addition, because shields have been updated to also provide Magic Defense, the [Shield Mastery: Cryomancer] attribute will have its balance adjusted.

Assassin, Rangda, Rogue

Assassin has useful skills, effects, and synergy for other classes. We want to delete the synergy elements, allowing us to buff the Skill Factors of their skills. We will limit the critical attack bonus of Hasisas to daggers only, and will remove the bonus damage it gains at lower HP values. This will lower the class tree’s dependence on Assassin and the lost power can be distributed among the other classes.

In addition, we plan to remove the hit interval reduction effect of Piercing Heart on bleeds, which in particular has a great effect on Rangda’s Luka skill. This will be resolved by adjusting Luka to be stronger.

We have plans to reduce the difficulty for Rogues to fight enemies. We are considering making their damage output more stable and reliable by adding a means to escape in a dangerous combat situation.

This concludes the TOS Development Team: September update notice.


kTest Patch 8/28/20 Datamining

Not translating everything right now. Most of it can be seen in the update above, but the class changes are not in yet.

New Goddess Cube: Honored Rose


icon_item_ep12honoredrose03_m icon_item_ep12honoredrose01_2_f icon_item_ep12honoredrose01_2_m icon_item_ep12honoredrose01_f icon_item_ep12honoredrose01_m icon_item_ep12honoredrose02_2_f icon_item_ep12honoredrose02_2_m icon_item_ep12honoredrose02_f icon_item_ep12honoredrose02_m icon_item_ep12honoredrose03_2_f icon_item_ep12honoredrose03_2_m icon_item_ep12honoredrose03_f


icon_item_wing_ep12honoredrose_01 icon_item_wing_ep12honoredrose_02

Hair Accessories

icon_item_accessory_ep12honoredrose01 icon_item_accessory_ep12honoredrose02 icon_item_accessory_ep12honoredrose03 icon_item_accessory_ep12honoredrose04 icon_item_accessory_ep12honoredrose05 icon_item_accessory_ep12honoredrose06 icon_item_accessory_ep12honoredrose07

Weapon Skins

icon_item_ep12honoredrose_shield icon_item_ep12honoredrose_bow icon_item_ep12honoredrose_canno icon_item_ep12honoredrose_crossbow icon_item_ep12honoredrose_dagger icon_item_ep12honoredrose_mace icon_item_ep12honoredrose_musket icon_item_ep12honoredrose_pistol icon_item_ep12honoredrose_rapier icon_item_ep12honoredrose_rod icon_item_ep12honoredrose_thsword icon_item_ep12honoredrose_spear icon_item_ep12honoredrose_staff icon_item_ep12honoredrose_sword icon_item_ep12honoredrose_thmace icon_item_ep12honoredrose_thspear

Tel Harsha Card [Legend]

[Card Equip Effect] Attack against Plant-type Targets +[★*750]

Vaivora Stats

Rune Caster [Rod]

INT ▲148
Critical Rate ▲490
Magic Critical Attack ▲1280
All Rune Caster Skill Levels ▲1

-[Rune Caster: Skilled Casting] attribute maximum buff stack increased to 5.
-[Rune Caster: Skilled Casting] increases damage dealt by 20% per stack.
-When [Rune Caster: Skilled Casting] is at 5 stacks, casting Rune of Rock will consume 3 stacks and reset the cooldown of Rune of Rock.

Plague Doctor [Two Handed Mace]

INT ▲221
Critical Rate ▲740
Magic Critical Attack ▲1550
Incineration Skill Level ▲3
Pandemic Skill Range ▲60%

-Increases the maximum damage increase from Pandemic’s [Panic] debuff by 50%. (Adds 30% damage per debuff)
-When Pandemic is cast, affected enemies receive your current skill level of Black Death Steam and Incineration.
-When Pandemic is cast, affected enemy monsters receive [Immobile] debuff for 4 seconds.
-Max Targets: 20
-Removes any Black Death Steam, Incineration, and Immobile debuffs if the weapon is unequipped.

Psychokino [Staff]

INT ▲195
Critical Rate ▲744
Psychokinesis Magic Attack ▲2262
All Psychokino Skill Levels ▲1

-Provides knockback and knockdown immunity while channeling Gravity Pole.
-Deals damage every 0.5 seconds to the area around Gravity Pole for 50% of Gravity Pole’s current Skill Factor.
-If the enemy is a monster, they are slightly pulled in to the Gravity Pole with each hit.
-Additional damage dealt in a circle when Gravity Pole finishes channeling equal to 1000% of Gravity Pole’s current Skill Factor.
-Maximum Targets: 20
-Any extra hits/damage caused by this weapon are not considered to be “channeling.”

Matross [Cannon]

STR ▲223
Critical Rate ▲740
Physical Critical Attack ▲1720
Explosion Skill Level ▲3

-Fires 5 additional Explosion shots when using Explosion on a target, each shot dealing 30% of Explosion’s current Skill Factor.
-Each additional Explosion will only damage their primary target.

Sheriff [Pistol]

STR ▲142
Critical Rate ▲490
Physical Critical Attack ▲1350
All Sheriff Skill Levels ▲1
Reduces the cooldown of Westraid by 25 seconds.

-Provides 3 stacks of [Sheriff: Reload] every 5 seconds while equipped.
-When the buff is at 10 stacks, using Westraid will consume all stacks, resetting the cooldown of Peacemaker and Aiming Shot.

Matador [Rapier]

STR ▲133
Critical Rate ▲490
Physical Critical Attack ▲1230
All Matador Skill Levels ▲1
Reduces the cooldown of Ole by 10 seconds.
Reduces the cooldown of Capote by 10 seconds.

-Provides one stack of a buff when using Ole and Capote. (Duration 5 seconds, max 3 stacks)
-When a boss monster or enemy character uses an attack skill within 150 range while you are buffed, inflicts them with a debuff, and removes 1 stack.
-The debuff causes continuous Pierce-property damage every 1 sec equal to 20% of the Skill Factor of Paso Doble.
-The debuff will stack, causing an additional hit per stack.
-Reduces damage you take from these debuffed enemies by 12% per stack.
-Reduces the movement speed of these debuffed enemies by 4 per stack.
-Debuff lasts 10 seconds and has a max of 3 stacks.

Cataphract [Two Handed Spear]

AoE Attack Ratio ▲5
STR ▲215
Physical Critical Attack ▲1720
Movement Speed ▲3
All Cataphract Skill Levels ▲1
Rush Skill Range ▲100%

-Inflicts two additional hits after channeling Rush for 3 seconds, dealing 24000% Skill Factor for each hit.
-The additional hits have 20 AoE Attack Ratio.
-The additional hits are not considered to be “channeling” nor “casting.”

Doppelsoeldner [Two Handed Sword]

STR ▲223
Physical Critical Attack ▲1548
Slash Attack ▲1480
Punish Skill Level ▲3

-Punish cooldown changed to 20 seconds.
-Punish changed to Slash attribute.
-Punish cast time changed to 1.5 seconds.
-Punish’s knockdown effect is removed.
-Punish changed to 5 consecutive hits.
-Punish now deals damage in an area around you on use.
-Maximum Targets: 30

Quarrel Shooter [Crossbow]

STR ▲149
Critical Rate ▲495
Physical Critical Attack ▲1120
All Quarrel Shooter Skill Levels ▲1
While equipped, enables the use of the [Cluster Shot] skill.

[Cluster Shot]
-Fires a bolt forward that explodes and deals damage.
-Casting Time: 1 second
-Deals damage equal to 150% of the Skill Factor of Teardown.
-Cooldown: 15 seconds.
-Max Targets: 30
-Can be used during Kneeling Shot.
-Can only be used while having learned Level 1 or higher Teardown.

Shield [Coordination]

STR ▲149
INT ▲149
Accuracy ▲480
Critical Rate ▲480
Attack against Plant-type Targets ▲1350
Attack against Beast-type Targets ▲1350
Attack against Devil-type Targets ▲1350
Attack against Mutant-type Targets ▲1350
Attack against Insect-type Targets ▲1350

Luciferi Accessories

Going to do these but skipping incomplete Karaliene. They are the same as the regular Karaliene but imagine them with reduced stats and effects.

A lot of these have different benefits based on whether it’s the necklace or the bracelet, and they stack together. Rather than write them all out twice, I will abbreviate these effects with [N] and [B].

Luciferi Juoda

image image

CON ▲66
SPR ▲132
Magic Critical Attack ▲594

CON ▲44
SPR ▲66
Magic Critical Attack ▲264

While equipped with a One-Handed Mace, grants [Morning Star’s Aegis] every 32 seconds to party members other than yourself.

[Morning Star’s Aegis]
-Increases damage dealt by +0.2%[N]/+0.1%[B] of the caster’s Healing stat (up to +30%[N]/+15%[B]).
-Reduces damage taken by -0.08%[N]/-0.04%[B] of the caster’s Healing stat (up to -12%[N]/-6%[B]).
-Buff triggers every -8[N]/-4[B] seconds.
-Buff duration is +4[N]/+2[B] seconds.

-When using one of the following skills while equipped with a One-Handed Mace, grants the [Morning Star’s Blessing] buff to yourself.

[Morning Star’s Blessing]
-Increases your Healing stat by +18%[N]/+9%[B] for 10 seconds.
-Increases your Movement Speed by +5[N]/+2.5[B] for 5 seconds.
-Cooldown: 20 seconds

-Mass Heal, Tree of Sepiroth, Indulgentia, Barrier, Methadone

Dragon Strength Level 2 [Can only be activated with the full set]
-[Morning Star’s Aegis] Damage bonus increased by +10%.
-[Morning Star’s Blessing] Cooldown reduced by 10 seconds.

Luciferi Isgarinti

image image
CON ▲39
SPR ▲165
Critical Rate ▲330

CON ▲22
SPR ▲110
Critical Rate ▲165

-Increases damage dealt by summons by +35%[N]/+17.5%[B].
-Reduces damage taken by summons by -18%[N]/-9%[B].
-Casts [King’s Dignity] when using [Summon: Force Attack] or [Riding].
-Cooldown: 40 seconds

[King’s Dignity]
-Deals damage equal to half of the damage dealt by summons when attacking to 4 nearby targets within a range of 80.
-Duration is +2[N]/+1[B] seconds.
-Cooldown is -15[N]/-7.5[B] seconds.
-Cannot be stacked with Liris.

Dragon Strength Level 2 [Can only be activated with the full set]
-[King’s Dignity] Buff duration increased by 2 seconds.
-[King’s Dignity] Cooldown reduced by 2 seconds.

Luciferi Kantribe

CON ▲77
AoE Defense Ratio ▲4
Physical Defense ▲2750
Magic Defense ▲2750
Critical Resistance ▲517
Block ▲220

CON ▲50
AoE Defense Ratio ▲2
Physical Defense ▲1375
Magic Defense ▲1375
Critical Resistance ▲292
Block ▲154

-Reduces damage taken by -10%[N]/-5%[B].
-Increases Block and Critical Resistance by +5%[N]/+2.5%[B].
-Increases the area of effect by +150[N]/+75[B].
-While equipped with a shield and you successfully block, an effect is given to both party members and attackers.

Party Members: [Solid Skin]
-Reduces damage taken by +0.01%[N]/+0.005%[B] of the caster’s Physical Defense (up to 20%[N]/10%[B]).
-Duration is +5[N]/+2.5[B] seconds.
-Cooldown: 40 seconds

Attacker: [Rusted Weapon]
-Adds a +50%[N]/+25%[B] chance to reduce the enemy’s Critical Rate by 50%[N]/25%[B] of the caster’s Critical Rate.
-Reduces enemy’s Additional Damage stat by -25%[N]/-12.5%[B].
-Reduce’s enemy’s Movement Speed by -5[N]/-2.5[B].
-Duration: 3 seconds, cannot stack

Dragon Strength Level 2 [Can only be activated with the full set]
-[Solid Skin] Cooldown reduced by 10 seconds.
-[Rusted Weapon] Duration increased by 4 seconds.

Luciferi Pyktis

image image
STR ▲90
CON ▲53
Critical Rate ▲330
Physical Critical Attack ▲1870
Attack against Medium-sized Targets ▲1500

STR ▲60
CON ▲31
Critical Rate ▲165
Physical Critical Attack ▲990
Attack against Medium-sized Targets ▲500

-When attacking an enemy that has a debuff that prevents them from attacking, or while they are attacking, the damage of your corresponding attack is increased.
-Cooldown: 2 seconds
-Damage is increased by +30%[N]/+15%[B].
-Cooldown reduced by -1[N]/-0.5[B] seconds.

Dragon Strength Level 2 [Can only be activated with the full set]
-Damage dealt increased by 25%.

Luciferi Triukas

image image
INT ▲149
CON ▲53
Critical Rate ▲330
Magic Critical Attack ▲1980

CON ▲31
Critical Rate ▲165
Magic Critical Attack ▲990

-Grants a buff for 30 seconds after using Magic Shield or Guardian Saint.
-Casts the [Overlord - Elemental] skill corresponding to the attribute of the skill used when dealing a magic critical hit during the buff.

[Overlord - Elemental]
-Skill Factor is +4500%[N]/+2250%[B] with two hits.
-Cooldown: 3 seconds
-When hit, the enemy will receive additional damage from the same property as [Overlord - Elemental].
-Damage increase is +30%[N]/+15%[B].
-Debuff duration is +6[N]/+3[B] seconds.
-When there are two or more attribute debuffs, [Overlord - Elemental: Overload] is inflicted.

[Overlord - Elemental: Overload]
-Decreases Movement Speed by -15[N]/-7.5[B].
-Duration is +2[N]/+1[B] seconds.

Dragon Strength Level 2 [Can only be activated with the full set]
-[Overlord - Elemental] Skill Factor increased by 1.4x (6300%[N]/3150%[B] with two hits).

Luciferi Prideti

image image
STR ▲83
DEX ▲83
INT ▲83
CON ▲53
SPR ▲83
Critical Rate ▲150
Additional Damage ▲5000

STR ▲55
DEX ▲55
INT ▲55
CON ▲31
SPR ▲55
Critical Rate ▲100
Additional Damage ▲2500

-Applies a ratio of your Additional Damage stat on every 38th attack you deal.
-The number of attacks between triggers is reduced by -10[N]/-5[B].
-Additional Damage stat increased on trigger by +2100%[N]/+1050%[B].

Dragon Strength Level 2 [Can only be activated with the full set]
-Additional Damage bonus increased by 1.3x (2730%[N]/1365%[B]).
-Reduces the number of attacks required to trigger by 3.

Legend set skills do not count toward the number of attacks to trigger the effect.


Wheres the new vaivora shield?

I’m still working on the post.


Where’s the Monk/Chaplain/Sadhu changes, IMC? I can’t even plan my gear up when IMC can’t even put down any information for Monk/Chaplain and gears cost Archstones with accessories being an irreversible investment.

JK, back to the Monk cave to wait once more …


I love it, thanks KIM :star_struck:

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Incomplete Karaliene Necklace
+10 Moringponia Necklace
+10 Drakonas/Carnas Necklace
Violetin Crystal x1
Smoldering Garment of Tel Harsha x16

Incomplete Karaliene Bracelet
+10 Moringponia Bracelet
+10 Drakonas/Carnas Bracelet
Violetin Crystal Shard x1
Smoldering Garment of Tel Harsha x8

is that a typo or does the incomplete neck still needs an arch stone?

Still needs. The shards require 5 fragments each, so in total you need 2 Archstones for the incomplete set, then 2 more to finish.


I like how IMC out right admits that they’re now balancing skills through super rare weapons instead of improving the class skills themselves.

Assasins getting the nerf stick is interesting.


RIP assasin in BM build :frowning: i hate u imc


Luciferi Isgarinti is so broken

i want one :star_struck:

Regarding Karaliene stuff:
Utter idiocy, plain and simple. This will just exacerbate issues.
The problem is in the unreliability of acquisition of archstones and archstone fragments. And nothing was done about it.
But no, let’s make things even worse and require stuff from a new time-gated boss…and then require that same stuff again for the empowered form.
You get up to 12 garments per week. 32 are needed for the full set of incomplete accessories, then you need other 64 for the complete ones…and then 288 to finish the Luciferi.
You need 24 weeks to upgrade to Luciferi alone. Making the intermediate steps adds other 8 weeks.
So now the choice is “should i do the intermediate steps and hope to drop those archstones and fragments or something valuable enough to trade from them, even if the intermediate steps themselves do nothing to help getting archstones - as it’s all about RNG - or should i save up the garments since i have to hope to luck out either way and i may as well just do the normal craft?”
It would be different if this alternate way provided lesser costs in terms of archstone stuff. But by making it like this it’s just a waste of materials.

Regarding fencer and matador stuff:
Good that they realize Banderillero and Nobility have got serious gameplay issues.
Understandable that they’re lowering buffs since the base attack is getting increased, as long as they properly pay attention to what they’re doing - epee garde may be strong, but putting epee garde with the same SFR as sharp spear like they did with the art isn’t a solution, since the weapon type hasn’t got things like weapon-type buffs like helmets, buffs that make you ignore certain amounts of defense or debuffs that increase damage. They’ll have to tread carefully in that regard.
…and then there is the “power of their skill factors will be reset to normal ranges” sentence. Did they even check other classes’ SFR for comparisons when they wrote this idiotic statement?
Matador SFRs are pitiful. Corrida Finale has got half the SFR of a Gigante Marcha despite the higher cooldown, for example, and the others aren’t that better. Out of the four damaging skills the only decent one is Paso Doble, basically…and it isn’t better SFR wise than other swordsmen skill anyway.
Fencer is more complex. The SFR themselves are average at best, and only saving grace is given by the various buffs and attributes - epee garde, nobility and offensive rapide - in a way or another all final damage modifiers, albeit indirectly in the case of offensive rapide (as it doubles the hits of fencers skills, albeit at reduced damage).
So if they think that the SFR are too high now, that has me quite worried on what they’ll end up doing to those classes. But we’ll see. They seem to want to change the whole playstyle, gotta see what they’ll end up with.


You are comparing the new system on our current system of archstone. They changed the drop chance and method throughout the content already on Ktos. If we want to judge it, then we will have to take a look at Ktos current situation on the availability of arch stone based on the new acquisition system.

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I already commented those changes when they happened. And those were completely stupid as well. They removed sources of complete archstones and increased chances of fragments (we don’t even know by much, since we don’t have the drop values). So it’s still low chances in timegated stuff, except that you have even less chances of getting complete archstones. And since it’s up to luck and with limited tries, you may just not find anything for months even with the increased chances.

Unless i’ve missed some way to get them that isn’t up to luck and isn’t about paying someone else - since the supply still ends up relying on someone else’s luck - the issue is still there.
Having such a material required for the strongest equips and being mostly dependant on RNG with limited tries per week is one of the most stupid and idiotic ideas they’ve ever had.

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I think you mean Archstone Fragments. And let’s hope it is less luck dependent.

The new dungeon boss is interesting. Occupies the vacuum for those endgame players who don’t need to run Misrus for any reason other than the luck to drop a Archstone Fragment.

So they tried to make things “easier” for those who are below, but not “unfair” to those who are already there by giving another step with the Luciferi. Let’s see how this bite them back.

The new Vaivora are not interesting. After so many in the past, and how IMC seems to understand how they should work, they look either stupid or bland.

And the changes to the base stats of Shield and Accessories are interesting. This gives a real reason to care to enhance and transcend them. They are now glorified trinkets. For all that is good or not…

Now I am way more confused: should I go for the incomplete Karaliene or keep the fragments, and aim for the Ark: Thunder? IMC seems to not understand how progression works or how long it takes. Honestly, do they play their own game? Or even in a new account? I think they should be playing on the New Season servers to understand the scope.

Now 2 legit questions: let’s say I have a full set of Incomplete Karaliene Triukas. Will I be able to do the upgrade to the “complete” version? If so, how?

And I liked they removed the Archstone cost of Luciferi accessories. But can I get them using the incomplete Karaliene?

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What are we gonna use? Outlaw? Corsair?