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KToS General Thread v4.0

hope they give us some teaser look for the new classes. they’ve been silent for a while.

but they gave us personal housing last week…


yeah, just hyped for the new classes. but they do deserve a-bit of rest.

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Anybody has pics from the housing system? How is the general feel in graphics and user experience ?

not sure if you want a video instead.


Thank you! :satisfaction:

except for all the reused assets and near identical gameplay and art style and shared publisher

it’s pretty blatantly obvious since there’s been not a whisper of ToS mobile since it was teased years ago that they decided to turn it into a “different” game, probably because of the backlash and accusations that they were just going to abandon ToS for the mobile game

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This is not true. It has nothing to do with IMC and ToS mobile is still in development. It was recently shown off.

Spirit Wish has nothing to do with IMC or ToS and there are no reused assets. It’s a completely different game just published by Nexon.


It is just the same old hater argument about ‘muh its copy becaus its similars’.
I’m still surprised there aren’t people saying that ToS is a copy of Leged of Mana.


But this

Still waiting for TOS MOBILE. :sad:

that must be the most disgusting thing i’ve ever seen (in terms of gacha crap and shameless rip off) but well, all mobile gaming is like that, i have zero respect for that kind of business in gaming


At last a mounted wizard kkkkkkk

seems like IMC other game , Granado Espada is headed for a mobile version as well. Guess mobile is the future right :tired:

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Hope to Development Team Responses: October Edition

some REALLY interesting stuff in here.


a readjustment in leather set defense finally, it should be balanced, not the worst plate defense with the worst cloth defense


So they will revert Leather to what it was before, nice.

They agreed to improve 4/5 things suggested by the players, which is nice to see.

Now, the only question that remains is, will they ever remember homonculus and chaplains?

  • All the plans, improvements and agreements IMC can ever talk about in Development Responses.

  • Remembers what happened to Sadhu and Hunter Rework.

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If I get that right, leather will get 50% more def but will lose the higher max crit chance…? That’s one trade I would like to choose instead of being forced into it :tired: