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They did not solve GTW’s biggest problem:

Why would we participate in GTW for 1 hour if the only important part is the final minutes?

IMC has to solve this problem, guilds have to have reasons to defend their territories from the beginning


I think that is the point of making the Guardian buffs stack higher, the longer you have a point the easier it is to defend it.


Yes, but you still do not have a reason to defend the field in the beginning …
in ragnarok for example, you could invest in the economy (the higher, more items) and defense of the castle and every time the castle defenses were overturned (Emperium broken) a % of the economy/defenses was lost …

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Jesus, i just hope they don’t implement those enhancement buffs.
Today I was selling ToS for a returning savior, and one of the best arguments was the lesser impact of enhancement on re:Build.

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In the beginning you defend so you can stack Guardian buffs and take less damage, that will become even more important when it is 7 stacks instead of 3.

I disliked the Econ system in WoE because it had the potential of destroying weeks and weeks of work and would discourage smaller guilds from attending.


I’m glad that gvg does not give free cash like pvp did.
At least the exploiters will not farm free cash from it. :9


new awakening stats already in game?

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Nice, might actually get used now? The necro/FF builds already have stupidly tight cast rotations. You know with the stomping around in circles already and all that.

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Velcoffer sets and weapon died with these new sets?


Paladin on suicide watch after those oracle changes. Plz don’t nerf paladin IMC


edit. for the memes


Paladin don’t deserve any nerf. The class is a jack of all trades master of none, everything that they can do, other classes can do waaay better, Oracle for example. I really hope IMC gives the class some more unique identity. We’ll have to wait and see.


It should be point based with points ticking while capped and if you do “sidequests” on the maps.


nerf paladin

How exactly could they even nerf anything lol

Its literally only for the conviction bonus with god smash and smite, and we all know they will never touch kims precious inquisitor.


That’s actually the opposite, Paladin defensive buff class inclined to magic protection while Oracle is THE jack of all trades that by being overtuned can outclass other clerics.

Re:Build Oracle took a lot of the Paladin space by the fact it can mitigate mitigate damage completely and also has a dedicated magic defense skill in Counter Spell (that also has better uptime), the sole fact Paladin is more specialized and Oracle isn’t but can do more is a clear issue and even with Foretell change it won’t be better. Additionally the side skills for Paladin are all offensive while Oracle has a good share of support skills, the only “deal breaker” is Restoration but taking the regen interval and how it is ground based it isn’t that good either.


Maybe a beacon system, that farms something if held by the defending team or makes capture easier by the attacking team.

That could solve the massive FPS drop by encouraging 5-man skirmishes, spreading the lag

But again, that’s just a maybe

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This might sound dumb but I have a question regarding ichor transmutation.

If I use 3 items (one that has 1/10 potential) the success rate is like 64% I believe.
What happens if the transmutation fails? Do all items lose potential?


And then they called it Alterac Valley. :tired:


So, we have no more invulnerability skills in the game anymore with the foretell change, right?

I can see the armor enhancement buff being a direct result out of this change to make up for it. IMC is still planning to buff Paladin based on an announcement a few weeks ago, which most likely means even more defense and tank capabilities without having a direct way to nullify dmg through skills.


scout have 4