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I have a suspect that its not a player that flag posts…

i want some love for outlaw, hackapel and unpopular class


Again I get flagged LOL(First was inappropriate and the second off-topic),shouldn’t we have people timeout or ban for unnecessary flags because it’s easy to make like 40 forums accounts just to flag certain people you don’t like hahaha.

All I said was to give more love to Physical Cleric DPS in Episode 12.How is that appropriate or off-topic?People can look it up,it was clear and none aggressive XD.

Buff Physical Cleric classes and give them new weapons to ichor for Episode 12 please because Magic Cleric DPS is too far ahead compare to the Physical classes.

Thank you =)

This. To be honest I’m pretty annoyed (both at Imc and at myself) that almost all my favorite classes are underpowered.

Appraiser, Matross(by itself, without cannoneer), Hackapell, Enchanter, Outlaw, Shinobi, Miko, Sage, Chrono, Terramancer and Shadowmancer(By far my favorite class in the game) are all classes I REALLY like, but they are all pretty underwhelming, at least in PvE.

But hope is the last thing to die, so I wish all of these get buffed someday. ;-;

no wonder because some class you mention are greenies and meant to support another classes in build. not to be excel alone as main in pve. but for reds i agree.some of our reds whether its old one that nerfed to oblivion due to pvp demands and even the newest one like sherrif for example need some buff. i just try sherrif for pve and man… it cant compete with bm, assasin or any other famous red in scouts.

i think i can do a better skills set for terramancer, actual is a copy paste of another skill set with sand effect that´s so sad.



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Someone can translate the new note ? Ty in advance ! i’ve understand at the end of the not, we can put off the gem whitout penalties, god we wait that since 2016…


use google translate,… or chrome to translate,

the more important about savinose having “Higher stat roll” …it says

"The current 430 level item reflects the option value based on difficulty .

400 levels of difficulty available savi Nose item is significantly lower than the current item , via the event

Due to the large quantity available, it is difficult to reflect the number of options currently applied at the 430 level .

The next Savinose Legend item will reflect the value that can be obtained from the current 430 level random item ."

what does this mean? current savi sets cant roll high stats? or newer saviose event equips that obtained after patch can roll or they meaning disnai lv 430 can have high stat rolls?

ktos still don’t have savinose/legend 430…

vaivora is unique grade like skia…just for ichor.

i thought crevox datamined disnai.along with the set effect.and i think its somewhere in 4ever update post as well.its indeed legend set


so it means only newly obtained lv 400 legend savi equip in the future will have high stat rolls, while thousands of existing savi equip and free trans 8 +11 wont have high stats… ?

oh yeah my bad, disnai is your normal cm/monster drop…they only apply til primus while savinose grade still on hold.

vaivora is unique grade like skia…just for ichor.

@Ignitor from what i understand, this apply to all 400 gear whether new or existing. The requirement to roll new high stats is 430 gear, which varna gear can still use through ichor.

Can someone confirm how does the new formula work for Block?

Let’s say, the attacker has 1500 penetration and the defender has 3000 Block
Following the formula, it’s -21.9% [Item Stat]
So if the base block pen is 70%
It would be 70 - 21.9 = 48.1% Final Block Penetration
Does that mean I have 51.9% chance to Block if I was the defender?

in kToS, did they mention how many Soul Fragments needed to craft 1 Trinket for 2handed weapons?

10 frag for masinios
20 for wastrel/asio
50 for skiaclipse?


thank you very much :smiley:

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I see quite a bit of new content and the much needed Outlaw buffs!

Shadowmancer also seems to receive a major overhaul.