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KToS General Thread v3.0 LOL

so excited for those Wugushi changes though. The new poison cloud skill seems like it’ll be really fun. I hope it’s ratios aren’t too poor.

I’ve tried it, it doesn’t get shared with spiritual chain. Just Templar’s Buff Share. :frowning:

Really? Hmm, weird to see that there are some exceptions in that list. The more you know.

What the heck happened with this thread’s title and first post?

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Neither he just wants Kabba3 to be literally godlike, do the damage of PD, the healing of a priest, HP boosting abilities, SP regen, revenge sevenfold for pvp, etc etc.

Next he will start asking for status immunities on kabba as well, might as well just force everyone to kabba3


Author edited the OP

I guess because we were arguing specific things, not the ktos patches and stuff. Funny tho, but the kTos thread is always very busy and one main source of info


well, we can always start a ktos general thread 4.0 … or ktest general thread.

when @greyhiem was uploading ktest videos his topic was way more busy than this one :haha:

i won’t start said topic because i have 0 new info, but i think it is valid to do so as soon as the patch notes hit ktest.

author came back just to purge the OP even though he hasn’t posted anything for 6 months

The fire rises.


Good to see Nak Muay are better combo monks than monks

Hm… so the op is dead? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Do the patch notes tell you how much increased poison damage is?

It is important to remember that these informations were not from a patch note, but a korean dev blog post. If I’m not wrong, the post does not set when these changes will hit the ktest server.

@GM_Francis @STAFF_Amy
Can we just leave 1 thread open for this and the delete the other spam thread.

Either maintain this and lock below

or lock above and continue below thread

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Those are developers blog entries, not patch notes, so obviously they do not contain any formulas…

lock this thread imo

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I am sorry, this thread was not supposed to be up
I was trying to reply to 4.0 thread and ended up redirected to here so I replied in the wrong thread.
Some @Staff member could close this thread already.
I guess the OP got 100 years of BAN for trolling this thread.


Maybe when he gets unbanned we’ll finally have the same patch progress of kToS.

Naaah, who im kidding…

best anime crossover 2018

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A user informed me that the kTOS threads got a bit more mixed up than I previously thought.
So please click here for the correct one: KToS General Thread v4.0
Thank you!