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kTOS General Thread (keep all in-game discussion here)

Dont say it like that or other ppl, out of envy, will ask for it to be nerfed… D:

Oh, true. It’s not that overpowered tho u.u But now we can deal normal damage u.u

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I don’t get this. So Swift Step benefits only archers, while lowering defence for those who aren’t archers? Unless of course the attribute applies to party members too, which is probably the case.

I didn’t get to see if having the crit attribute actually increased other players crit, but it definitely is a party buff now, aswell as yourself. The skill should also now provide some extra evasion, but i’m not sure on the specific amount.


I think this part (sharing the effects with party members) is just to allow em to receive the newly added increased Evasion effect that Swift Step has now. I dont think the DEF penalty is carried over.

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Since many changes were applied in the kOBT right now, as a QS what would you recommend maxing among the skills? Personally I wasn’t able to reach class level 15 QS in iCBT because I was focused on getting my main to level 200 but I did get to try all 4 of the QS skills and I was thinking whether I should max stone shot or not because it really was helpful in power grinding myself @_@ but that would leave me with level 1 stone picking just so I could do level 5 pavise and level 4 scaltrops. However, I feel like my character’s back will break anytime just by picking stones every now and then XD

OBT Patch 2015 - 12 - 29 ( Sorry, doesn’t look like there’s any fun buffs or anything today )

From today you will be able to use the commercial services!
Purchasing TP is now possible through the main website.

What can TP be used for?

  • Character Slot Expansion
  • Changing Lodge
  • Changing Team name
  • Expanding Warehous
  • NPCs Trading costumes for TP

~ More fodder about how to buy/ cancelling purchases & Refunds.
( I’ve decided to skip this, sorry )

The Token System

Tokens are purchasable from the TP Merchants in Klaipeda and Orsha.
Tokens cost 198TP to purchase and grants the user the following effects for 30 days:

  • Market tax on item sales are reduced to 10% ( Doesn’t stack with the PC -Bang benefits)
  • The limit of items sold on the market is raised from 1 item to 5 items able to be listed simultaneously.
  • Able to learn 2 attributes simultaneously ( If a PC-Bang player, can learn up to 3 simultaneously!)
  • Movement speed + 3 ( This applies to all characters on the server the token was used on )
  • As mentioned before, the token expires after 30 days after the use of the token.
  • 10 Extra poses Added ( Video courtesy of tomgo32000 )

1:1 Trading & Buying stores have not been included in the list of token benefits. There is some talk about them deciding whether or not to include it to the token benefits, however they have decided against it for now. However, we’re still not able to trade in the game and the buying store button has been removed at this time.

New Hairstyles are in the TP Store! ( Female ones are in Gunnr’s Post below !)

Here’s some pictures of the new TP Trader items for those who are curious !


For those curious about the book icon ( 9TP item), i’ve translated what it does below:

After Right clicking the Manual, You will be affected by the following benefits for the next hour:

  • Experience gained from monsters +30%
  • Stamina recovery rate doubled

The timer on this item only decreases whilst you are online!


Preview of the two new Female hair models:


thanks for the info!
i think not allowing trade with token is a good approach to stop gold sellers.

but i still hope there’s some way to trade between players:
e.g, players can trade items that are dropped from monsters when they hunting in the same party

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Or maybe a timer for an item to be sold before it becomes untradeable
That way, prices and economy could be contained because one must price it according to the time he has to be able to sell it else he has no choice but to keep it for his/her character(s) xD

omg i thought that brown one was a girl’s hairstype :joy:

I have faced this problem. And, I don’t know what to fix it. If someone has solution, please tell me. :sob:

That’s one bloody error you have there alright and no text too @_@

Okay, the site’s uploaded another page of patch information - as in stuff with skills, items and stuff ! Looks like some instance entry cap changes and other things… now writing it ! ( I posted in the ktest thread by mistake, sorry !)

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@tsigetartseht Allow me to pitch in? Ill take in consideration u plan to have QS C1, so Id max Scatter Caltrops (esp now that it slows targets, plus it kind of works as a taunt). U can have Stone Picking 3 and pay for the attribute that increases the amount of stones picked and Stone Shot 1 is enough, so u wont easily run out of SP.


No problem about you pitching in cause more opinions are usually better as I tend to do a mix of both according to preference :sunglasses: actually, thank you for this info, I’ll make sure to test the numbers and effects accordingly :+1:
And yeah, I’ll most likely plan to only take 1 circle of QS for my build

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Well i’ve just tested it out and looks like this time they really fixed the “learn 2 lvls of one attribute at the same time” thing, however i still have some attributes with lvl past the maximum like “Swift Step: Critical” for example, it gives 5% extra critical rate every lvl and is supposed to have a maximum lvl of 5, mine is lvl 6 and is clearly giving 30% instead of the lvl 5 25% since my critical rate goes from 40 to 52 on my new archer. I wonder when they’ll fix that since it’s a pretty serious problem.

Still wondering if it wouldn’t be a better idea to make a list of things that you cannot drag into trade-window without token-effect, instead of disabling trading altogether.

In other words… everyone can trade, but unless you have the token-effect, you can only trade things with potential and the token itself (and make it take double potential without token if they have to). So no silver, no loot, no recipes etc…

Did I fix it or make it worse? :smiley:

As for the Token itself (without the whole trading-issue out of the picture for now), IMO they should lower the price, but add some more things it does. (so you’d constantly have them up rather than every other month orso when you feel like it’s worth it)

One idea I had is…what if instead of the focus of the tokens being “here’s a bunch of buffs and features it enables”, it would raise “free regenerating TP” limit (50?) and the rate (20 every hour?) at whcih they regenerate drastically?

In other words, it would allow you to waste cash-shop consumables as you please for the whole month.

ToS, THE error, period.


I have found solution.