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[Klaipeda] Reverie

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Guide has since been updated and moved to this thread!


Guide has since been updated and moved to this thread!


Guide has since been updated and moved to this thread!

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Not the most eventful GTW but we got to hold taxes down to 0% on Audra and get some attribute points for all our helpful shop characters! \o/

See you next week!

We hit guild level 15 thanks to some committed guildies converting contribution to mileage and a generous 100M storage donation by Euphoria and then proceeded to server first dump truck Naruto’s son.

After an evening of sweating we occupied Wall Street.

Finished the week with some Audra style GTW

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Down to 11.31 from 15.12 Clear time. We’re getting stronger!


Room for improvement with 0 Soul Crystals but we have another Audra first and followed it up by creating our first +3 Seal on our first attempt! @chris_is_back_4_more

Of course we’re gonna flex the new title and continue to run for wings!

We set a new Lepidoptera clear time record on Audra this week!

Our fastest Moringponia kill as a guild down to 37 minutes. <3

Not quite our record but 50+ active consistently on weekends is nothing to shake a stick at (our peak has been 59 online)

Whisper Aella, Azusagi, Mouse, Miriel, Captain, or Gimbap for details/invite!

Just curious as I haven’t seen anything posted lately is the guild still well and alive?

I’m looking for a guild currently on Klapeida and since you seem very active yours is definitely one that has sparked my interest.

Yes and we will be moving forward in Klaipedia after the mergee on May 12th!

Proud to say we have several parties who have cleared Lepidoptera Legend and a heap of +3 Seals.
Our first sub 5 Boruta Kill this week!


Oh also new emblem from our guild emblem design event (Will be active May 1st - May 6th)
Artwork by our very own Mouse!

Whisper Azusagi for details/invite!

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Awesome, thanks for replying. This isn’t a new account, although Im a complete newbie (character around level 120 now) last time I tried to play I never found an active group or people willing to help with questions so I just kinda drifted away from the game after a little while.

So the guide you posted has been quite helpful to me so far ;).

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New record for any guild I’ve been in. 61 Players Online

We completed our final Boruta kill on Audra and followed it up with our usual ritual of predicting the random seal box’s reward. Turns out it was not a Casual Seal, a Batman Seal, or a Hammie Seal.

Proving we’re not beta with a kill time that establishes us as the dankest guild.
4 minutes 20 seconds

See you soon Klaipeda!

Oh yea- I didn’t see a broadcasted guild message or anything but congratulations to Reverie on hitting Level 16 on May 6th!

Hello there! I’m Lena and veeery new to this game; I think I’ve had my account for less than a week. But I like it a lot and am looking for other players to make friends with and learn more about Tree of Savior as I play! I thought a guild would be cool for that and I really like Reverie. Would you guys possibly have room for a new member? ;w;

Hello Lena,

We certainly have room. Please whisper me (Azusagi) in-game any time this week or submit an application to Reverie using the guild recruitment board (alt+r) and I will reach out to you when I see it!

The final moments before merge maintenance began we took some family photos!


After all that I took the final picture of Audra.
The server ended with us gathering in what will be our home in Klaipeda- Orsha.

If you’d like to join us in Klaipeda please whisper Aella, Azusagi, Captain, or Mirie. Alternatively leave a message on this forum thread!

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Hey there Lena! My in-game name is Paradiso and I’m still pretty new to the game as well (only played for 2 weeks). I’d love to help you out and figure this whole thing out with the rest of the guild.


Seasonal Emblem Change

We’re now rocking our Spring Leaf which is pink. More colors for upcoming seasons to come!


Never have I felt so elated or been so proud of my guild. Reverie the guild rumored to be ‘disbanding’ after merge came into their first GTW on the 2nd week of Klai and slapped some cheeks.
Thank you everyone!

Well done Reverie. Salvia Forest is yours. Nobody expected this upset. <3