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[Klaipeda] Honeytrappers (recruiting)


If you are mature enough, yes. We don’t want any kind of drama.

Feel free to join us on Discord!


Isn’t this the lolichi guild?


No? That guy quit years ago. Wasn’t he in Futureproof?


When guild raids are bugged and there’s nothing to do… <3


We’re still recruiting <3


Hey! Any chance you guys are recruiting still?


Yes, we are recruiting!


We are back! Getting ready for upcoming patches!


You wouldn’t happen to still be recruiting, would you?
I’m decently active (at least a few hours a day) – and hope to better integrate myself into Tree Saving Society™ by joining one of the local speakeasies~


Hey there! Was curious if you guys were still recruiting? Just got back into TOS after the RE:Build and wouldn’t mind leaving my Solo player ways behind me!