Tree of Savior

[Klaipeda] Honeytrappers (recruiting)


Send it again! I think I missed it~



Thank you @STAFF_Ines for opening this thread. We’re back, everyone!


Oh hello everyone!!!


Welcome back :heart_eyes:


Omg it was @STAFF_Amy, my bad. Thank you so much!


YAY!!! We’re back finally time to go play with the nukella.


Addictions and more addictions!


We are still recruiting!


The guilds almost full this time around already thanks everyone for the amazing welcome back wishes


Indeed the guild is almost full and doing as good as ever


Love it when I log in and I have to scroll down to see the rest of the members now


Lol yeah! Same here!


Filling up this tower so fast with talt!!! Thank you everyone for your support


Here we are again!

We’re just showing some new guildies the ropes of Earth Tower for fun!

Jeeze, so messy!

Look at that awesome Meteor! Kidding <3

That PD is on a roll!

Fire everywhere!

Pwetty Crystal!

If you liked my random rants, come and join us <3


Our guild run was pretty fun haven’t done that in forever it was a refresher I’ll have to say that.


Let’s not forget we leveled the guild today as well now our guild missions can help everyone much more with pract


It did, it did. Nice!


Now we’re almost there to lvl 15 for the guild ^…^


I have a question one of the rules is u must be atleast 18 right well can u make an Exeption? became im 17 and would like to join if possible if not that would be ok to