Tree of Savior

[Klaipeda] Honeytrappers (recruiting)


I bet they already know how to donate Talt!


Can’t wait for the next event!


We will, don’t worry <3

After summoning a couple of cards~

Fooling around in town~

Teaching them how to use yellow messages!


We’re still recruiting <3


Wow, you guys are still alive!


Uh yeah? We’ve been alive for a long time now.


10/10 guild would get trapped again


Hello, I’m interested in joining! I’m a new player (under level 100) but I really like the game so far. :smiley: I joined your Discord (same username), but I’m not sure where to start. Thanks!


I will drop invite asap! Thanks for poking me because I spaced out a bit.


Still recruiting <3
Don’t miss out~


Are you? Hmmm! Right!


still recruiting?

20 characters


Yes, we are still recruiting!


Don’t be shy! We’re still here!


Hiya, are you guys still active? I literally started yesterday and was hoping to find an active community to join :smiley:


Yes, we are active! Come join us : 3


Are you guys full or have room? I’d love to play this game with a group people :grin:


We are still recruiting! Join our Discord and send me a DM!


Guild Picture from last night


I sent you a DM on Discord! >_>