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[Klaipeda] Honeytrappers (recruiting)


You are cursed! Tricks nor not, it is still a question!




Oh, Wikipedia. I didn’t know people still used Wikipedia to prove a point.




Finally, some of the guildies got the hang of ET 1-5 <3


We are still recruiting! <3


Hello ^^v

I am a returning player and decided to make a new Wizard/Elem/Warlock. Looking for a group to play with. Still open?


Yes, we are still recruiting!


Just bumping <3 Join the fun~


Is this guild still alive?


Hi, I’m a new player and only have one character that i am working i mean my leveling is kind of slow since i don’t use money or any exp buffs bonus and just playing the game, so far i had a fletcher lvl 157 so far i didn’t know that the DEX was changed so i kind of messed up my stats, so at the moment i am trying to lvl up so i can get a stat reset pot and change that, my class is mostly for PVE, I’m not a fan of PvP unless i can try but then again i might have to make another character for it, i started playing this game last year but i haven’t played for awhile but im starting to come back and play again, I will be happy if you recruit me and teach me how to properly play this game and thanks for reading my reply :slight_smile: Forgot one thing i do have two other characters one is full tank swordsman and the other is full support cleric.


Can i join your guild too?im level 124 so …


@Argus @heavydaniel21

Join our Discord so I can keep in touch with you two.


i just joined your discord


Luna, how is Ragnarok?


It’s fun, but we’re back! We’re recruiting new members <3


I was positive this guild was dead, guess not.


Uh, we are not? We’re alive and recruiting.


That’s good. You guys are back!


Just posting a video for the guildies!