Tree of Savior

[Klaipeda] Honeytrappers (recruiting)


We are a friendly PvE/PvP/GvG/ET/Social guild. Our aim is to help newcomers, midcore, and endgame players to reach their goals. We aim for a friendly, yet casual community of people who are dedicated, passionate, and eager to help and contribute. Our main purpose is to enjoy ourselves while creating endless memories playing Tree of Savior that will echo throughout the ages.

To summarize it, our goals are:
-Compete in PvP, PvE, and GvG.
-Establish cordial relationships with other players.
-Participate in events, raffles, and world bosses.
-Run Earth Tower with new and old members.
-Keep our community in check.
-Be social with anyone and everyone.

-You must be at least 18 years old.
-Discord is mandatory.
-Voice chat is required for intense party sessions.

1. You must have an open sense of humor because we enjoy teasing each other.
2. Be mature and avoid unnecessary drama with other players and our community.
3. Do not spam.
4. Do not beg.
5. Do not use exploits, cheats, or third-party software.
6. Keep your private sessions to yourself (No ERP/RP drama.)

If you have any questions, please contact:

Additional information:


Oh my Luna, you guys finally got up the courage to do it finally! Congrats :sunglasses:


We did, we did. xD


You guys have a guild? No way!


Yes, we do. Care to join, little troll? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi :smiley:

I’m trying to send an application but the website seems to be not working…

is there any other way I can sign up?


The website is fixed. Try contacting us on Discord!


We’re recruiting once more!


OMG!!! We are back and looking for amazing people again ^.^:kissing_heart: It’s good to be back to be honest. How’s everyone?


We took some pics the other day!


Thats so cute!!! I need to hurry up back in :stuck_out_tongue:


Where can one apply or who to talk to if I want to join?


Whisper Moonbinder or Desmin on Klaipeda.


We’re still recruiting we finally have open slots message us if you wanna join.


Thanks for those who joined Uphill for fun before maintenance.


So you guys are still active then, I might join back up again after I download


Here’s some pictures from our guildies doing raids before maintenance!


Dear diary,

Today I joined Honeytrappers and left a post in their recruitment thread for historical purposes.
I got called Master Nova as soon as I joined so I’m staying.

Forever yours,
Master Nova. :dizzy:


Do you consider yourself a master? I was just wondering!


Look at that spicy trick question.