[Klaipeda] Forbidden


Syndra while your here, do you guys have room for a Cleric that plays earlier in the day.

One of our members Harvei, he mains an INQ/Zealot/Oracle with a few other random 390s had to leave us b/c hes an EU guy and just couldnt make our events.

Hes having a hard time finding a guild now b/c the usual high school nonsense, people are accusing him of being a “spy”, dont ask me why, I explained to him that Alpha and Re: Kindle would be good choices for non-retarded, smaller guilds with good players.

Anyways, if you guys could fit him in itd be greatly appreciated, felt bad that he couldnt find a guild b/c people are so wrapped up in this Boruta nonsense, ty mam =).


Thanks. I understand your point. I think the “negative attention” on my character isn’t something I weigh on too much at this point. But thank you for thinking for me.

At the worse case, if Forbidden somehow stops me from PvEing (I don’t PvP at all), I just quit the game for another year, and move on with my life. A year later nobody would remember anything, including typhoonz who routinely pisses off people. So many people he trolled, how would he remember me?

But even after I leave, I will just post something every now and then, including that photoshopp-ed image. Even if 99% of TOS thinks I am a hentai, if I succeed in allowing one newbie to rethink twice before joining this guild, that’s worth it. Not that it’s gonna take me more than 5 minutes per post.


The spam continues

@STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Ines @STAFF_Amy @STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Letitia @STAFF_Ethan

We would appreciate it if you could please remove this troll from our recruitment thread seeing as how he has filled up our last 3 recruitment threads and is admitting that he will continue to do so regardless, thanks.


It was a great week for our guild, we welcomed in 10 new members including 1 of the top Wizards on the NA Server “Sorror”. We even had an out of the blue guild raid session at midnight on Saturday to get some Guinea Pig Eggs for some of our members.

We are still openly recruiting and are in most need of CC oriented Wizards at this time, Cryos, Kinos, Chronos etc.

With that being said though we are still intrested in a variety of other builds aswell with more of a focus on players that want to participate and get better so please feel free to submit an application in game or whisper an officer in game (Typhoonz, Yumm, Farms_Alot) with any questions.


Please do not hesitate to reach out if you are in another guild or have had disagreements with any of our members in the past, we do not hold grudges and are a very laid back bunch inside the guild, dont be fooled by all the noise.


Simply put, ‘Forbidden is there’.

Whether you need someone to theory craft with at any hour of the day like a friend, or follow your own pursuit for strength on a path towards others that are better than you, like I’ve chosen to do;

Forbidden has been there for me.

I could say something positive about each and every member, as my time spent playing, and everything that I’ve been able to accomplish, has been a collective effort by Forbidden to catapult my Tree of Savior experience into hyperspace!

It feels valorous !!
It’s refreshing to be on the cutting edge of end game content. Min-maxing, and always striving to become better today, than I was yesterday!

There is no drought of guild content! I feel exhilarated like it’s my first Challenge Mode again, every time we do guild raids with 30+ people, and celebrate with dozens of card albums afterwards! Sometimes we encounter POWERFUL demon lords during our Card Album Parties which is a heart-racing team building experience!

Learn to pilot your Gundam.

Learn to endgame.

(For what it’s worth, our guild master will never ask us to burn 30+ Soul Crystals simply to stir controversy in a video game like other guildmasters out there. We look out for our own, and want to -increase- one’s resources, rather than exploit them ‘for the lulz’.)

† - F O R B I D D E N - I S - T H E R E - †



Another week in Boruta at #2, we would also like to congratulate and welcome our newest ally on their 3rd place finish, the Tornado Guild.

Week 7 Results:

Again, if you find yourself in a guild that is using you to settle old, outstanding personal grudges we encourage you to come check us out. We do not exploit our people for our own selfish desires, you will never be asked to spam soul crystals or urbas seals, and if we lose a fight there is no screaming. We try our best and move on, in the end we understand that this is just a video game, its not life or death. If you want to get back to gaming and having a good time with friends, join Forbidden today.

Heres a screen grab of us melting the new Guild Hangout Raid Boss at max level to get our guildees free silver on Monday, you could be here too^^


Typhoonz is on vacation this week, if your looking to join please contact Yumm or myself in game, here are some images of today’s activities, we do 3 guild raids and separate album parties per week with an occasional flash album party out of the blue during and after Boruta.


We are still making room for new and experienced players, please message Yumm or Myself in game with any questions, our focus remains Wizards, primarily CC focused specs with Cryo or Kino, and Clerics however we are willing to take other builds if you are active and interested in participating in GvG content.



Couple pics of tonight’s action in Boruta, he was bugged out and perma-enraged all night on the NA Server so it was certainly interesting to say the least.