[Klaipeda] Forbidden


Hello everyone, we are looking to bolster our roster for current PVE and GVG content including the Boruta Raid and Guild Territory Wars.

We are a mid-core guild that is one of the highest in activity on the server and participate in all aspects of the current content. Players must be able to speak and communicate in English but we welcome players of all ethnicitys and backgrounds.

New Player?
Need some monster cards and extra money?
Are you interested in a free 5,000 attributes points a week?
Do you need people to help you with dailies ranging from Saalus to various challenge modes?
Would you like to learn how to raid in Velcoffer, Ignas, Asio, Wastrel and various levels of Earth Tower?
Do you want to earn a Legendary Seal for your class in the Boruta Raid and get 45 free blessed shards per week?

These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself as a new or experienced player in Tree of Savior at the moment. Over the last few months the landscape of the game has dramatically changed with the introduction of new content and Re: Build in general.

This shift has resulted in new alliances between guilds, smaller guilds being absorbed into larger guilds, and an overall re-shuffling in the power structure of many guilds in general, but where does this leave you? We would like to offer anyone interested a new home capable of giving you all the advantages of the current content, and specifically the Boruta Raid rewards.

We are looking to add players of all experience levels to our growing family of players and we are not going to judge anyone that has disagreed with us in the past or competed with us in any game content. If you are in a “rival” guild and are not happy with the content or active players that you have access to please consider reaching out to us and inquiring about what the actual day to day life is like in Forbidden, I can assure you it is quite different then what you may hear in other circles.

How do I apply to Forbidden, its very simple, in game just press alt+R and view the “Guild Promotion” tab, then look for our banner below;


Then simply go to our page and submit an application, you can also private message Typhoonz, Yumm, or myself (Farms_Alot) directly in game and 1 of us should be online to assist you with any questions you may have.

Do I need to have end-game gear? No
Do I need to be Lv. 360 or higher? No
Do I need to be good at PvP? No

All we ask from our players is that you be courteous to each other and show a willingness to help the guild, we have 2 manditory activities at the moment;

Sunday from 8-9pm EST Guild Territory Wars
Monday from 7pm-12am EST Boruta

Outside of these 2 days everything else is very relaxed, we also understand not everyone can attend the entire length of Boruta, we simply ask that you help us as long as possible when you can be online during that window, the same applies to Sunday’s event.

Am I actually going to get anything good from all this stuff or is this just another case of people hoarding everything for themselves and staying in cliques like its high school all over again?

I earned my Legendary Class Seal in my 2nd week, let me repeat, my 2nd week with Forbidden. Now keep in mind the Archer Seals arent in nearly as high demand as the Clerics, Wizard, and Scout Seals for example so it may take others longer but we make sure that everyone that participates get one as soon as possible.

So are there actually people online in this thing, or is this just another guild of 85 members and like 6 people actually online 24 hours a day?

Heres a snapshot of our online roster (not during the Popo Event^^) and in non-peak hours.

So again, I would like to invite everyone to come check us out, please disregard what you see from a few individuals on the forums or the occasional childish things you may see in shout. Furthermore, if you have been one of those people its ok, come check us out anyways.

We have current members right now that in the past could not stand our guild for whatever reason, we have grown in standing and maturity as an whole and we are looking to branch out even further with your help. Please just take a moment to ask yourself, am I happy with what I currently have access to in Tree of Savior, if the answer is no, or you arent sure, give us a chance.


I’m a relatively new member to the guild and I can vouch for this post. Outside of mandatory content when our focus is required everything else is relaxed and chill. Always people running dailies and raid content and there are always people on willing to offer more nuanced build or farming advice. We get a lot of heat recently but PM people and chat with us and see for yourself what we have to offer.


Everyone’s really friendly and helpful, and there’s always someone online to hang out and quest/raid/boss hunt together with. Advice about builds/items/etc. are always a mere question away, and no question is a dumb question here. Great guild for people who are active and want an active guild to join!


Long time MMO, RPG and Dungeoncrawler player.
30y/o Canadian dude.
Played ToS @Launch for a couple of months.
Played a year ago for a month.

Reinstalled and taking it seriously since November 2018 and joined Forbidden as a complete noob with a lvl 360 main character.

Forbidden took me in and it has been, not only, a friendly experience, but a beneficial experience as well.
3 Card Parties/week.
2-3 Syla Missions/week.
2nd Place in Boruta/week.
and we’ve already began strategic practices for GTW.
Members link CM and Raid groups in Guild Chat before spamming Shout.
We also have a couple of Field Boss Hunters that work the boss timers.

I don’t have all the time in the world to play ToS like some of the farmers and whales. I’m not the fastest manual farmer. The guild simply asks that you continuously progress your account towards true endgame and help in guild events whenever you are available.

What’s more, is that even though I am just getting into doing raids, they do not pressure you to be in full Velcoffer by tomorrow, simply that you do aim for endgame and make the best effort that you can to gear up.

The discord is fun and helpful, with chats, memes and guides. It is not mandatory that you speak using a mic on discord. Simply join the voice channels and listen to orders during GTW, Boruta and Guild Missions.

Since joining Forbidden I now have a 390 moving into raiding gear (shedding his Primus380 stuff) and many alts well on their way to 390.

While getting in to a guild like this is glorious for a newer player, Veteran Saviors will really benefit by running content with our stronger members. They run everything. <3

Guild Attitude:
Light Fluffy Exterior, Respect Driven with Dark Humor Undertones.
Some of us are friendly, self-deprecating weebs.
Pretty mature really.
Disrespect us and prepare to get a savage intellectual harshing, followed by Mememan stylings.

Guild Leader:
Typhoonz is a strategic gentleman. Friendly and fair, but cutthroat. Don’t mess with him. He operates on RESPECT and it is lovely.

Join Forbidden Today!


If you are looking for an active, competitive and competent guild, you’re in the right place. These guys are passionate and reliable. They are also pretty cool about helping you gear up and letting you play at your own pace. Naturally, the competitive content of the game can get heated and there is a lot of rivalry with other guilds, but these guys will not back down and will have your back at any cost.


Nice guild, very active. Left because of time-zone differences, wish you all the best.


Typhoonz’s lancer is cute. :prince:


Yes, Typhoonz’ Lancer is like a Slow Loris, its cute but the venom it secretes from its elbows mixes with it’s saliva to kill you, its actually 1 of the most dangerous creatures in the wild.

Unfortunately in the wild this creature is commonly mistaken for an Usamimi clutching an Audra and is often shot on sight.


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


The above user is one of the main people we warn people about, this individual was removed from our guild for sexually harassing female members and acting highly inappropriate in discord, we care about our members and do not tolerate this type of behavior.

Sadly in the time since being kicked he has decided his time would best be spent spamming the forums with constant off topic nonsense.

We are sorry that you have to see this but if you take a moment and click his avatar you can read the summary of his posts and see that roughly 90% are childish attacks on our guild since the time he was removed.

Its ashamed the forums do not have active moderators b/c he has been reported numerous times and there is an extensive thread ongoing about him in the problematic behavior section.


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


We will do our best to flag and hide his spam but unfortunately he has done this to every recruitment thread we have made, for now just scroll past his nonsense, again, we apologize for the childish behavior.

At this point we honestly feel bad for the players in the Infinity Guild where he ended up, his behavior reflects very poorly on them and has consequences for others in game content.


Yet here you are, commenting in their thread.

Are you obsessed?


Dear Grim,

I think it’s time you leave this whole issue alone. You will never get an apology, even if you pretend that you’ve been photoshopped for the rest of your days. Even if you convince yourself that you are the victim, it won’t change anything.

Just sit with the embarrassment for a bit and move on. I think it would be better for everyone’s mental health (mainly yours) if you just stop harassing us.

I sincerely hope you heal up <3 and laugh about this one day.


I’m a fan of juicy drama and funposting, but man. Doing it on a guild’s recruitment thread? Low blow.

Be careful you don’t end up just advertising for them.


I am willing to advertise for their fame, for whatever kind of fame they have :joy:

TBH, I am busy enough irl that I am almost quitting the game. It’s not like my life = TOS. I quitted for about a year back then until rank 10 came. What triggered me wasn’t the fact that I am accused, per se. Rather, it is the fact that typhoonz even spent the effort of photoshopping to troll people, and yet he is a Guild Master that represents a guild.

I really don’t understand how people in 4bidden withstand that kind of guild master, who deliberately pisses random people off on a daily basis. Maybe they don’t care about how the guild they are in looks like from outside, cause they just wanna ride on the bus for goodies in GvG and PvPvE events. Then they shouldn’t care about me posting something bad about their guild every now and then in front of newbies.

At the end I will look like a loser. More preciously, my character on TOS will look like a loser. Though I am not sure how long TOS will last after all.

Instead of linking forum threads that they can delete, I plan to just plug a bootstrap website into github.io and link that. More persistent and easier for me to accumulate screenshots.


That’s a good attempt at an authentic victim’s defeat statement.

Crazy people are pretty smart.


Look I’m just here to read drama, I have no motivation to take sides. (Since I’m not even part of Forbidden) but, maybe you should realize that if you’d just stay quiet all this photoshop nonsense would disappear. (Barely anyone checks dead threads)

By starting drama on Forbidden’s recruitment page, you’re literally giving exposure to what Typhoonz is accusing you of.

Recruitment pages are one of the few types of threads that have constant engagement.

Now everyone is going to see what you’ve been accused of, because you decided to bring it up.

What I’d suggest is that you delete your messages, and kindly ask for the rest to delete theirs. Therefore, those posts that would potentially ruin your reputation will be a thing of the past. (Regardless of whether you are guilty or not)

I’m trying to help you here, do the smart thing. You’re only making it worse for yourself.


Except they arent photo shopped, if you havent noticed by now from the barrage of spam in every subsection of the forums including wizard and cleric classes, general, bug reports, general and guild promotion combined with the fact that his guild spends their entire evening on Sunday’s just following us with Usamimi spamming Icewall on our backline making no attempt to claim any map in GVG this guy is obsessed with us since being kicked.

Heres a link to the current ongoing report we have on him that highlights some of his legendary spam;

You would think though that after being exposed to the public he would just stop posting, hes even known like this by European players on the Fediman server;


I’m not saying that Typhoonz is lying, I’m just saying it’s not my call to decide what happened or what didn’t. (Since I was not there) Thus, I’m just taking the middle-ground.

It would be better for everyone if Grim stopped posting, since he’ll only call negative attention to himself.