Tree of Savior

[Klaipeda] ✞ Forbidden ✞ Seeking Active Players ✞ Mandatory English ✞ Recruitment Now Open ✞


Heeeee I’m in the photo. :prince:


i changed the photos for clarity

you better like the post or else shakes fist


We look like loli kpop band and Bhikku is the leader. xd


lol :3

we’re the cute brigade


klaipeda †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††


Awesome post!
I’m glad to be back and be part of it ^^


New Member here, Let’s go forbidden!


Best guild eva :smiley:


thanks sadekbooboo <3

like the post!


No on Forbidden, but…

I’m your shadow, @typhoonz . xd


Gheeeeyyy LMAO. Obviously being sarcastic here don’t flag me or I’ll unleash a barrage of the word the rhymes with maggot.


@diamonds ur gey irl !!!


lol sneaky photo op!!! ur cramping my hairstyle


Best Guild ever!!! <3


We will crash anyone will stend in our way all the monster be careful with u wish it will bring u death :smiling_imp:


Hey all Yukisan here~ I enjoy the guild so far and everyone is rad and cool n stuff! Also #NerfKlaipedaLag <3


Your English will definitely stop anyone in your way LMAO. Roasted. @typhoonz don’t act like you didn’t laugh.


That my english take or leave it i just try be mysalf try be friendly is not hurt to try …


I was joking. I know English isn’t your primary language.

Free bump for Forbidden for not flagging my posts. Any other guild would of piled on me.


@Diamonds I’m waiting for your war declaration. Everything short of that is small talk :slight_smile: