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We are Klaipeda’s most active guild with 40+ people online on our busy days. We are by no means a casual guild, though we do welcome new players. A perfect guildy is ready to lay their life down for their guild and their emblem, and regards the emblem with pride and respect. You will be met with equal love and respect from your guild and your guild masters. A perfect guildy donates talt not because he was told to, but because he wants to-big difference! Every guildmate we bring into our welcoming bosom finds true friendship and fellowship here. We always have your back.

United we stand, divided we fall. Heavy focus on PVP, and PVE oriented tasks, feel free to ask as many questions as you like in here. No question is a dumb question. BOSS ALBUM summoning events every SUNDAY@6pm, TUES/THURS 8PM we do guild missions before the card party, and have around 20-40 members on for raids as well. You are granted atleast 60 boss/enhancement cards a week for participating. Help with dungeons is a staple of the guild, we all hope to have enough active members to help all our up and comers. We got nothing against nobody, unless you got something against us. We take care of our members here more than anyone else, and demand in return full commitment to the Seven-fold Doctrine and our Seven-fold philosophy listed below:


LOYALTY / SERVITUDE / GREATNESS / MERCY / WRATH / RIGHTEOUSNESS / LOVE of your fellow guild-mates. Your guild and the members around you are EVERYTHING to you, protect them with your life, and they will do the same. Forbidden is the type of guild that will wage war if you slander our guild. Please understand we have no enemies, unless you make an enemy of us. We have historically shown that we take threats on our guild very seriously.


DOCTRINE OF HOLY WAR - This is a PVP game designed around Guild vs Guild interaction, be ready to fight and take up arms at a moments notice. You will be called into war suddenly, and abruptly. This is a fun time for many in the guild, Forbidden is a warring guild, but also is a guild of love and passion for our fellow man. Our mercy ALWAYS precedes our wrath.

DOCTRINE OF KNOWLEDGE - (where applicable) - We will teach you how to make money, and how to be sustaining on your own, that you may better serve the guild. Servitude is tantamount to your success here at Forbidden. All we ask is you listen to the free advice. No question is a dumb question at Forbidden, knowledge comes to all those who ask. Ask and ye shall receive.

DOCTRINE OF STEADFASTNESS - Be active, an active newb is better than an inactive pro. If you will be going inactive for w/e reason, let me know personally or a guild officer so you don’t get kicked. This is a flexible rule. Just be as active as you can be, let me know how often you are on and we can work around it. Don’t feel discouraged by this rule.

DOCTRINE OF HUMBLENESS - Forbidden holds a contrarian view in comparison to other guilds that seem to exist to pad the ego of the leader. This guild is a huge break-away from this in that we cherish all our members and want to see you succeed wherever you focus yourself. Help us help you.

DOCTRINE OF SELFLESSNESS - Love your fellow guildmates and do not disrespect one another, instead come together under the banner of our unity, our pride and respect upheld in our emblem should be held in high regards to every individual who calls themselves a brother or sister within the guild. Help other guildies, especially the new ones as their impression of the game can change drastically depending on how they are treated by their fellow man. Carry other guildies when you can, and do it not for a reward, but because you love your fellow man.

DOCTRINE OF UPRIGHTNESS - You carry yourself upright and constantly exercise temperance in all things negative. We understand this is a game, and it can get quite heated, but always be in the right by not being an instigator or a sower of chaos. Do not slander other guilds, we lead by example. The only exception to this is when we are slandered without reason, in which case the DOCTRINE OF WAR comes into effect.

DOCTRINE OF CONQUEST - Forbidden isn’t just a group of like minded individuals, but a zealous group of passionate players. It is our belief that we should take conquest of the entire game world, rise above the other guilds in both how we act towards negativity and positivity. Every guildy has a job to bring recruits to the guild, a guild that does not take in new blood will die in time. Like an olive branch that bears fruit, we prune the branches that do not produce fruit, and throw them into the fire, that the fruit-bearing branches may prosper exceedingly.

OR PST typhoonz in-game or Yumm

Post to this topic or message typhoonz or Yumm, if I’m not busy you can ask to be interviewed, recommended to leave both a post on here and message me ingame for better visibility. Inbox tends to get swamped. Thank you for your interest.

See you in the fray~

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what server are you guys in?


klaipeda †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††




Forbidden kept me playing ToS for a longgg time. great people, good times. Sadly ive moved onn but if i was still playing it’d be as part of 4BDN. :slight_smile:


@moridin your statue is in the pics lol


Best guild everrrrrr


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lol your entire guild got wiped. and farmed, and your tower was destroyed twice.


thanks for bumping my post.

you also pussied out today, we had 22 peple waiting for you and you were nowhere to be found, no surprise there.


why am I in this post 3 times if i’m not in this guild :tired:


you are?? wtf i never noticed i highlighted a bunch of pics

lol ill remove it


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ok i see it LOL i removed it. sorry mate <3


im not removing the collab pics nor am i cropping you out / too lazy.



still there


ahh i see what ur saying now, okay ill remove your nametag// but im not crop[ping the pic


actually you know what i ain’t doing ■■■■, only you think its a problem. if they force me toremove it i will, as far as im concerned its a picture of my guild, witha random person photobombing it


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i didn’t ask you to be in the photo, you stood there in the photo kek, you’re one of us now bhikku lmaooo/ flag it if you must i ain’t doing sh!t to it, I removed the one of me killing you that’s it.


trying to care… deciding to take a nap instead :sleeping: